Others ( Postal and Telecom ) Accountants

Candidates selected or working as Others ( Postal and Telecom ) accountant may drop their details here in the comment section for mutual transfers .

If anyone will reply to his/her comments , candidate will get an intimation mail for that / even if admin finds any perfect match , admin will notify the candidate.

Please feel free to post your details here in the comment section.



Other Popular Categories for Mutual Transfers : –

Tax Assistant – CBEC ,        Tax Assistant – CBDT ,        CGDA Auditor ,       Income Tax Inspectors ,    Excise Inspectors ,        Divisional Accountant ,        CGA Accountant ,      CAG AccountantExaminer / Preventive Officer ,   LDCInspector Of PostStenographer ,     DEO ,        CAG Auditor ,         All Other SSC Post

3 thoughts on “Others ( Postal and Telecom ) Accountants

  1. JA in dorector of accounts(postal) sundernagar, Himachal Pradesh.
    2014 batch cgl
    Joining in 2016
    Anyone from delhi wants to come to himachal pls contact 9811678677

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