SSC CGL 2019 Tier 1 question till now

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The exam consists of 4 sections :
1. General Intelligence (Reasoning): 25 Questions (50 Marks)
2. General Awareness: 25 Questions (50 Marks)
3. Quantitative Aptitude: 25 Questions (50 Marks)
4. English Language and Comprehension: 25 Questions (50 Marks)
Exam duration is of 60 minutes (1 Hour).
Some of the questions till now( 6th March 2020  ) :


  • What were the two taxes imposed by the Marathas? – Chauth and Sardeshmukhi
  • Between whom was the battle of chausa fought? – Humayun and Sher Shah Suri
  • By which Act of the British parliament that transferred the government and territories of the East India Company to the British Crown – 1858
  • Which of the following monuments is not present at the Qutub Minar complex? – Buland Darwaza
  • 1931 congress session is related to – Gandhi-Irwin Pact
  • When was NABARD established? – 1982
  • Article 368 of Indian constitution deals with – Amendment of the Constitution
  • Anti defection law is related to which amendment. – 52
  • Which of the following is present in Madhya Pradesh? – Bhimbetka
  • Bhutan does not share a boundary with which of the following Indian state? 1) West Bengal 2) Meghalaya 3) Sikkim 4) Assam – Meghalaya
  • Which is the east-flowing river? 1) Mahi 2) Sharavati 3) Bhrahmini 4) Sabarmati – Bhrahmini
  • ISO number for environmental management system – 14000
  • Ozone is formed in the atmosphere from Oxygen by? – UV radiation
  • Food carrying tube of human beings
  • Author of book Hajar Churashir Maa (Mother of 1084). – Mahasweta Devi
  • SASTRA-Ramanujan Award is related to which of the following? – Mathematics
  • 13th south asian games 2019 venue – Kathmandu and Pokhara, Nepal
  • Archana kamath related to which game? – Table Tennis
  • C K Nayudu lifetime achievement award for women in 2019 by BCCI –  Anjum Chopra
  • MoU related to Betar and All India Radio with which country? – Bangladesh
  • Mehrunisa (Noorjahan) was the wife of – Jahangir
    • When did vikram samvat started? – 57 BCE
    • CR Formula was given by whom in 1944 ? C. Rajagopalachari
    • Madhavpur mela is related to which State? – Gujarat
    • In which article access to internet a fundamental right – Article 19 (1)(a)
    • Which organization releases Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)? – NITI Aayog
    • Which of the following organizations releases Global Energy Transition Index (ETI)? – World Economic Forum (WEF)
    • What is merchant discount rate (MDR)? – fees paid by merchants to banks
    • During high levels of inflation, RBI – increase repo rate
    • Jayakwadi dam is situated in – Maharashtra
    • Planet between Mercury and Earth – Venus
    • Which gas is the most abundant of the volcanic gasses? Water Vapour
    • What metal is naturally antibacterial? – Copper
    • which of the following disease is not spread from man to man? 1) Hepatitis, 2) AIDS, 3) Syphilis, 4) Cirrhosis – Cirrhosis
    • What is the primary female sex organ?? – ovaries
    • What carries oxygen in the blood? – Hemoglobin
    • Question on world bank agreement in gender empowerment
    • Which Indian journalist was honoured with “India’s Most Powerful Women in Media” award? – Kallie Puri
    • Mardaani game is from which state in India? – Maharashtra
    • Which country has criminalized Offences related to match fixing? – Sri Lanka
    • Who becomes first Indian gold medallist at junior world wrestling championships? – Deepak Punia
    • Alyssa Healy smashes record for highest T20I score in women’s cricket belongs to which of the following countries? – Australia
      • Mahabalipuram was built by which dynasty – Pallava dynasty
      • Sawai Jai Singh established  – Jaipur city
      • Quit India movement started by Gandhiji in – Mumbai
      • Mahatma Gandhi started movement after the Jallianwala bagh massacre was – Non – cooperation movement
      • Pongal 4th day is called – Kaanum Pongal
      • Which is the largest national park in the Eastern Himalayan region? – Namdapha National Park
      • Longest south India river? – Godavari
      • Best police station in India – Aberdeen in Andaman and Nicobar Islands
      • What is the color of the rays falling by the sun on the surface of the earth? White/Spectral
      • One Question on Avogadro law / Charles law
      • Plastic Waste Management Award 2020
      • 107th science congress theme at Bengaluru – Rural Development
      • Ishwar Sharma was honoured with 2020 the Global Child Prodigy Award in – Yoga
      • Polly Umrigar Award to whom – Jasprit Bumrah
      • Ms. G. Babita Rayudu takes charge as Executive Director of – SEBI
      • Largest open-air theatre in the world – Dhanu Jatra, Odisha
      • The boat race is celebrated in which festival in Kerala? – Onam
    • Alai Darwaza built by – Allaudin Khilji
    • Gadar party formed by Lala Hardayal in – 1913
    • Who refused knighthood after Jallianwala bagh massacre – Rabindranath Tagore
    • Indus Water Treaty between India and Pakistan in – 1960
    • Headquarters of BCCI located at – Mumbai
    • Which is the golden city of India? – Jaisalmer
    • The world’s longest man-made waterway – The Grand Canal of China
    • If two objects are kept at 120 degrees, then images formed by mirror – 2 images
    • Which of the following is not an ore of iron – cuprite
    • A homogeneous mixture of two or more components is called – Solution
    • Which vitamin deficiency leads to anemia? – Vitamin B12
    • Which of the following is not a fish? –  Starfish
    • Constitution of India Part 8 deals with – Union Territories
    • Which article is related to National Commission for Backward Classes – 338B
    • Indian female football team won SAFF continuously for which time? – 5th times
    • Which of the following amputee to reach Mount Everest? – Arunima Sinha
    • Lt. Governor of Jammu & Kashmir – Girish Chandra Murmu
      • When did the Congress Socialist Party formed? – 1934
      • Viceroy of Bengal akal in 1943 – ​linlithgow
      • Governor-General of Bengal during the great famine of Bengal in 1770 –  Warren Hastings
      • Who planned kakori conspiracy? – Ram Prasad Bismil, Ashfaqulla Khan
      • Samadhi sthal (cemetery) of Rani Lakshmibai at – Gwalior
      • Tansen award is given by which Institution? – Ustad Alauddin Khan Kala Evam Sangeet Academy
      • Military Exercise held between India and Oman? – Oman
      • Under which article 22 national language comes – Article 344(1) and 351
      • Milan 2020 (cancelled due to Corona Virus effect) is going to be held in – Visakhapatnam
      • President of Archery association of India – Arjun Munda
      • Who is the founder of Bombay stock exchange? – Premchand Roychand
      • Who is the president of National Book Trust? – Govind Prasad Sharma
      • How many highway meet to form National Highway 44 – 7 National Highways
      • How many national parks are there in India? – 104
      • On which River Lothal is situated? – between the Sabarmati River and its tributary Bhogavo
      • The Berach River flows from which region in Rajasthan? – Udaipur
      • Chamical formula (Name) of epsom salt – MgSo4 (magnesium Sulfate)
      • Which of the following acids is not found in grapes? – Formic/Acetic Acid
      • Female Weightlifter banned by NADA recently – Seema
      • Rank of India in Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index for 2019 – 34th rank
      • Harbhajan Singh is a brand ambassador of – Brune & Bareskin
      • Which liquid is used in thermometer except mercury? – Ethanol
      • Magadh Capital ‎Rajagriha‎ (Girivraj) shifted to which place after 4BCE? – Pataliputra
      • Court poet of Harsha Vardhan – Banabhatta
      • Where is Gol Gumbaz located? – Vijayapura (formerly Bijapur), Karnataka
      • Who is the brother of Harsha Vardhan? – Rajyavardhana
      • Untouchability comes under which article? – Article 17
      • IMF Approved USD 6 billion Loan For which country? Pakistan
      • Which country created the world’s first 3D-printed heart using human cells? Israel
      • Right to freedom – Article 19
      • Eiffel tower’s length increases in summer due to metallic expansion by? 6 inches
      • Which was the most prominent river of Vedic Aryans? Saraswati
      • Where was the Sudarshana Lake situated? Junagadh (Gujrat)
      • Who is the president of the World Bank? – David Malpass
      • Who is the current army chief of India? – Manoj Mukund Naravane
      • Who constructed the Sudarshan lake? – Chandragupta Maurya
      • What is the current GDP growth rate of India as per WESP? 6.6%
      • The Olympic gold medal is made of which metal? Silver
      • The 14th Dalai lama resides at? Kangra (Himachal Pradesh)
      • Padma Shri in archery?Bombayla Devi Laishramb
      • Xerophthalmia caused by which vitamin? – Vitamin A
      • Moon’s thin layer of gases is known as? Lunar atmosphere
      • Which of the following dance is not from J & K?
      • Which city is known as the Athens of the East? – Madurai
      • Jawara dance state – Madhya Pradesh
      • Which of the planet is between Mars and Saturn? – Jupiter
      • Which of the following city is NOT a Twin City?
      • The inventor of ohms law belongs to which country?- Germany
      • Which gas is known as marsh gas? – Methane
      • Where red blood cells are made? – Bone marrow
      • Jellyfish belongs to which phylum group? – Cnidaria
      • Which union minister recently released the book “Karmayoddha Granth”? – Amit Shah
      • Sucheta Kripalani the first woman freedom fighter became CM of which state? – Uttar Pradesh
      • The first governor of MP – Dr. Pattahbhi Sitaramayya
      • JM Keynes (economist) belongs to which country? – British
      • Who is the recently appointed foreign secretary of India? – Harsh Vardhan Shringla
      • Who is the Managing Director of the IMF? – Kristalina Georgieva
      • In which state Intensified Mission Indradhanush IMI 2.0 launched? – Uttar Pradesh
      • Which of the following Indian banks is not a nationalized bank? – SBI, UBI, PNB, Punjab and Sindh Bank
      • Which American Indian is inducted in Forbes top 20 people? Hasan Minhaj
      • On which pillar inscription are there details of Samudragupta? Allahabad pillar
      • In favor of which person, a coin has been minted in Switzerland? Roger Federer
      • Chikankari Embroidery is Famous in which city? Lucknow
      • 6th Island meeting was chaired by whom? Shri Amit Shah
      • Process of making fruit without fertilization? Parthenocarpy 
      • Indian Cricket who claimed 2 hattricks? A. Virat Kolhi, B. Rohit Sharma, C. Kuldeep Yadav
      • Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (formerly Victoria Terminus) constructed – 1878-1888
      • Vijayawada is situated on the banks of which river? – Krishna River
      • Order of Mughal rulers – Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjahan
      • Kalbelia dance is related to which state? – Rajasthan
      • The current governor of Kerala – Arif Mohammad Khan
      • Name the atmospheric optical phenomenon which makes mountains appear to glow in a light pink? Alpenglow
      • Who won Nobel prize in chemistry for 2 times? – Frederick Sanger
      • Abolition of Sati was done by which Governor-General?Lord William Bentinck
      • Section 370 is related to which State? – Jammu and Kashmir
      • The splitting of a spectrum line into several components by the application of a magnetic field is known as? Zeeman effect
      • Padam Shri winner Teejan Bai is an exponent of Pandavani from which state- Chhattisgarh
      • Qasem Soleimani was killed at – Baghdad airport, Iraq
      • How many countries are there in IMF? – 189
      • D. V. Sadananda Gowda is holding the portfolio of: Chemicals and Fertilizers
      • Yatra is owned byDhruv Shringi
      • Indian states order with the highest population – UP>MP>HP>AP
      • Where is Khelo India Youth Games held? – Guwahati, Assam
      • President of Sri Lanka – Gotabaya Rajapaksa
      • Bhupesh Baghel is CM of which state – Chhattisgarh
      • CM of Punjab  – Captain Amarinder Singh
      • Chief Justice of India – Sharad Arvind Bobde
      • Founder of Gupta Dynasty – Sri Gupta
      • Which of the following book was not written by Salman Rushdie?
      • Harika Dronawali is related to which game: Chess
      • Sahitya Akademi Awards in English
      • Author of An Era of Darkness – Shashi Tharoor
      • Padma Shri for Archery
      • Reverse Repo Rate
      • Longest-serving king, who passed away in 2020: Sultan Qaboos (Oman)
      • Sanchi Stupa was discovered in : 1818
      • Araku valley in which state – Andhra Pradesh
      • Dry ice is also known as: Solid Carbon di Oxide
      • Sir Thomas Roe Came to India Under the rule of –  Jahangir
      • The player that scores four consecutively double century – Virat Kohli
      • WFP (World Food Programme) Headquarters – Rome, Italy
      • Location of Hampi – Karnataka
      • GST on the lottery – 28%
      • Mission Mangal lead role actress: Vidya Balan
      • Who discovered neutron: James Chadwick
      • Which bone is not present in the human ear? Femur
      • Fox21 is acquired by – Walt Disney 
      • Jyotiba Phule belonged to which state: Maharashtra
      • Who was the father of Ajatshatru? Bimbisara
      • Which of the following was known as Lady Willingdon Park: Lodhi Garden
      • Where is Madhavpur Mela held? Gujrat
      • Who is the last ruler of the Nanda DynastyDhana Nanda
      • Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is located at which district of Karnataka? Kodagu
      • When was the gateway of India, situated at Mumbai constructed? – 1924
      • Which acid is present in Vinegar? Acetic Acid
      • Which Festival is known as “Make merry of Gods Festival”Lai Haraoba
      • Which acid is released when cutting onions that result in tears: Sulfenic acid
      • Which gland is present between the lungs? Thymus Gland
      • Industry 4.0 launched with the help of which IIT: IIT Delhi
      • Global Investors meet, Ascend 2020 was held in?  Kerala
      • Brand Finance Nation ranking 2019? 7th Position
      • Dada Saheb Palke Award in 2020: Amitabh Bacchan
      • Wings India 2020 to be held at which airport – Begumpet Airport in Hyderabad
      • Amit shah released a book recently based on the biography of whom? Narendra Modi
      • One question on Coulomb’s law
      • One Question on invertebrate animal
      • Who was the last ruler of the Gupta Dynasty?Vishnugupta
      • The most recognized ruler of the Magadha Empire?
      • Who was the last ruler of the Mauryan dynasty? Brihadratha 
      • During which ruler did Huien Tsang visit India? Harshvardhan
      • Which city of China is situated at the bank of Yangtze River?
      • Which is the largest city of Sri Lanka? Colombo
      • Prime Minister of Bhutan? Lotay Tshering
      • Prime Minister of Thailand? Prayut Chan-o-cha
      • “Kiribat” is a rice recipe in which country? Sri Lanka
      • Pakistan’s highest polo ground? Shandur polo ground
      • Who is the current BCCI secretary? Jay Amitbhai Shah
      • From which country does India import maximum crude oil? Iraq
      • Which of the following country is not a member of SARAC?
      • Which of the following is not a part of the human brain? Pinna
      • Meenakari Art belongs to? Rajasthan
      • The scientific name of Gypsum? Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate (CaSO4. 2H2O)
      • Which Planet is also known as Lucifer? Venus
      • Calcium sulfate dihydrate formula: CaSO4
      • International Nurses Day is celebrated in the honor of? Florence Nightingale
      • One Horse Power equals to? 746 Watt

      Maths :

      • If A+B=45 then 2(1+tanA)(1+tanB)= ?
      • x-y=4 and xy=45 then what is the value of x^3-y^3
      • Two Question from Geometry
      • X^2+3x+1=0, then x^6+1/x^6=?
      • x^4+x^2y^2+y^4=21 and x^2+xy+y^2=7 then 1/x2+1/y2 = ?
      • SecA-tanA/secA+tanA=3/5 then find cosecA+secA-tanA=?
      • 2sinA+15cos^2A=7 then tanA+cosA+secA?
      • Calculate the cost of the area between the inner circumference and outer circumference. (given- Rs. xx per sq.m)
      • If the marked price is 40% more than the cost price, and there will be a loss of Rs. 140 on selling at 2 continuous discounts 20%, 25% then find the cost price?
      • If A can complete some work in 40 days and B is 25% more efficient then A. C is 28% more efficient then B. All three work together for 5 days then what is the time taken by B alone to complete the rest of work?
      • If x is the medial proportion of 12.8 and 64.8 and y is the tertiary proportion of 14.6 and 18.4 then 3x+4y =?
      • A cyclic quadrilateral pqrs where pq=x, qr=16.8, rs=14, sp=25.2 and pr divide qs in 2 equal parts then x = ?
      • English
        • SYNONYMS
        1. Obligatory
        2. Scintillating
        3. Implode
        4. Glorious
        • ANTONYMS
        1. Exodus
        2. Fragile
        3. Hilarious
        4. Vicious
        5. Flexible
        6. Vigilant
        • Spelling
        1. Humiliation
        • OWS
        1. Inaudible
        2. Obligatory
        3. Decade
        • Idioms
        1. A hard nut to crack
        2. Take a french leave
        3. Shanks’ mare
        4. A Snake in the Grass
        5. Spill the beans
        6. Blow one’s own trumpet
  1. Dexter or Dexterity
  2. Divide
  3. Retain
  4. Violent
  5. Swerve
  6. catastrophic
  7. Solidarity
  1. Expensive
  2. Erudite
  3. Bizarre
  4. Hostile
  5. Sluggish
  1. Creator
  2. Chopper
  3. Reimbursement
  4. Definition
  5. Beneficiary
  6. Definite
  7. Commemorate
  • OWS
  1. Insolvent – One who is unable to pay his debts
  2. Harangue – a lengthy and aggressive speech
  3. Murmur – a low continuous background noise
  4. Alma meter – the university, school, or college that one formerly attended
  5. Fable – a short story, typically with animals as characters, conveying a moral
  • Idioms
  1. A bed of roses – an easy and comfortable situation in which a person likes to live
  2. A close-fisted (person) – not willing to spend or give much money; mean; stingy
  3. Take the Bull by the horns – To deal with a difficult situation with determination and bravery
  4. Flog a dead horse – to waste effort on something when there is no chance of succeeding
  5. Add Fuel To The Fire – makes a miserable situation even worse
  6. Hobson’s choice – a choice of taking what is available or nothing at all
  1. Ovation
  2. Prefer
  1. Persist
  2. Glee
  3. Preference
  • Spelling
  1. Abandon
  2. Acquaintance
  • OWS
  1. Fleet – a group of ships sailing together, engaged in the same activity
  • Idioms
  1. by and by – after a short period
  1. Disheartened
  2. Subtle
  3. cordial
  1. Haste
  2. Fickle
  • Spelling
  1. omission
  • Idioms
  1. pull a fast one – to successfully deceive someone
  2. See Eye to Eye – to agree fully with someone; be in full agreement
  1. Prevent
  2. Revere
  3. Acknowledgment
  4. Prodigal
  5. Enmity
  6. Solitary
  1. Broad
  2. Liberty
  3. Obsolete
  4. Friendship
  1. Humiliation
  2. Encouragement
  3. Rehearsal
  • OWS
  1. Inaudible – unable to be heard
  • Idioms
  1. Back to square one – to go back to the beginning
  2. in a dead heat – [finishing a race] at exactly the same time; tied
  3. the bee’s knees – excellent or very high quality
  4. Hold water – to remain sound, consistent, or logical, with no breaks or weaknesses
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