How to start for UPSC CSE( IAS ) 2018 without Coaching – Part 1

So as the name states we have a firm belief in moving candidates from SSC to UPSC.

All those who made it in SSC CGL 2016 / Or got any other Job, It is high time you start working for UPSC ( If you really wanna do it)


Although you have cleared SSC, Yet I will assume you have no idea about GS and this UPSC and all .

We will keep posting strategy regularly for this , lets start considering it Part 1

You need to follow this from day 1 to day 15 ,we will post the next article that what to do from Day 16.

  1. Start reading Newspaper , no matter which one but you should be able to fetch out which news you need to read . If you have no idea which paper to read , better follow ” the Hindu” for English medium and Navbharat Times / Jansatta etc for Hindi medium. there is a page on Facebook ” Hemant Jha IAS Aacademy ” ( he is a teacher in ALS Coaching. he post reagulary that what to read on todays newspapert. You may follow him if you found him fit. Otherwise, You only need to understand that you have to read those news who are linked to your syllabus i.e. they any social impact, economic impact , IR impact etc. You need not to read k “uski biwi iske sath bhag gai” and all , “woh party drahne pe baithe” etc. :D. Further, You need not to give more than 2 hrs to paper at any cost. And also focus on new words in newspaper no matter in Hindi or in English, work on those words.
  2. Download UPSC Syllabus and last 5 years questions ( Pre as well Mains ) and read them multiple times , I mean really multiple times. Try understanding break up of syllabus and pattern of question papers . You will feel it boring yet you have to do it . Do it as many times as you can do  ( Give it 2 hrs daily ) ( You may follow IASBABA Mind chart for syllabus break up )
  3. Start reading NCERT of class 6-7-8 in your respective languages. You might find them irrelevant but trust me , you really need to go thorough all these NCERT ( of GS ) ( Give it 2 hrs daily )
  4. Start with a standard Book i.e. Polity  by M. Laxmikanth latest edition , both medium students. Read this book from word by word. Just finish 1 chapter / day . Not more than that at this stage ( It will hardly take you half an hour to 1 hour depending upon chapter length )
  5. Start reading syllabus of Optional Subjects, explore all optional subjects read their syllabus multiple times , highlight those subjects whom you find interesting , download their last years paper, read them multiple times. Remember no optional is goof and no one is bad. Just find out in which optional you can score max. and thats it, final that subject. Spare 1 hs/day.
  6. Spare 2 hrs daily for video sessions . You will find numerous no of videos on internet by Mrunal, Unacademy, Youtube ( You tube is a much better option, search with the name of the topic you wanna study ) . just watch them and enjoy the free classes at home.

Thats it. it will hardly take 10 Hrs/ day . Thats it. You need not to go beyond this . take sound sleep , healthy food , good songs and enjoy life parallely. Remember your life is way way important than any stupid exam. Live it otherwise you will regret no matter if u become President of USA. Live your life parallely along with your goals.


Just follow this strategy for next 15 days . Give 10 hrs to UPSC and rest 14 Hrs to you .

We ( SSC to UPSC ) will come with with the part 2 soon by the time follow this strategy and fetch out the result whether you are able to to sit for 10 hrs daily or not.

Best wishes to all of you .


Keep following SSC to UPSC.

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