What Next after SSc CGL 2016 Result ??

Congrats to all the candidates for selection in SSC CGL 2016 Exam from “SSC to UPSC ” and best wishes to all those who are not able to make it in final list

Now, all those who made it in the final list , the question is what next ??


First of all , SSC will send dossier of the candidates to their respective department with a letter stating that all these candidates have been recruited by SSC CGL 2016 Exam based on your submitted vacancies status .

SSC’s role ends here and now the role of the concr. organisation starts here :

For most of the organisation, it is like :

  1. They will send you a offer letter demanding various documents documents , forms, willingness , etc
  2. They will also send State Pref Form ( If applicable ) and allot you a state according to your rank. ( Please note that few org asks for state pref such as Income Tax, Excise, CAG , on the other hand few does not i.e. CSS, CBI , CGA etc  So it totally depend on organisation that what process they follow )
  3. After the document verification , they will initiate the process of Medical Examination and Police verification

( You need not to worry for medical exam, it is not CPO, it is CGL . Untill and unless there is something really big issue, you are totally safe and same is the case with police verification.

Also few organization will conduct your medical exam at their allotted hospitals ( i.e. CBI, etc ) and few organisation just provide you a medical performa that you can get done from your local civil hospital ( CGA , etc )

Finally , they will send you a joining letter with a fixed date ( on or before )


( All those who are willing to take extension , may ask for extension at this moment . Please note that most of the Org will give you extension upto 3 months , it can go as high as 9 months depending upon the head of organisation but generally no one gave extension for such long time  . You can follow a dopt circular in this regard available on this website as well as google)

I hope that most of the points are covered , however any doubt will be welcomed by us.


once again best wishes





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