Perfect Strategy for UPSC Prelims

How to prepared for UPSC Prelims : –


1.) Polity : –  Indian Polity by M.Laxmikanth

Note : –  You complete this books ( with an eye on current affairs ) and no need to study anything or any other book for polity no matter which exam.


2.) Economics : –

i) Watch all videos first ( All available on youtube for free , around 87 )

ii) Read any standard book now : –  i.e. Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

iii) Finish the Economic Survey

Note ; –  If you complete this ( with an eye on current affairs )  , you need not to study anything extra for economics.



3.) Geography : –

i) 6-7-8 NCERT : –  (OLD )Very small and interesting

ii ) 11-12 th NCERT : –   New or OLD , Or if possible combination of both

iii ) G.C.Leong

iv) ATLAS  Mapping

Note : –  This will be ample if Geography is not ur optional ( Need not mention , Current affair is a must for every subject )

i.e. This year France has been in media for very long i.e. Paris Attack , Nice Attack , World Summit  , etc

so it is very obvious that question may come based upon Geographical aspect of France . and this applies on every subject.



4.) Environment , Ecology : –

i) If u are very bad in basic environment , i would advise u to watch some environment video online i.e. mrunal , unacademy , etc

ii) Shankar IAS Book

iii ) Current affairs is of extreme importance in this subject


5 ) History : –

i) Modern Indian : –  Spectrum

ii) Art & Culture : –  Vision PT 365 booklet ( hardly 15-20 pages )

iii) Rest Part : –  Any book , notes u like ( Generally most of question in hostory are from modern india and culture only , however u must study Buddhism , Jainism , etc too )


6) General Science : –  6-10 NCERT or TMH book on General Science + Current Affairs


7) Current Affairs : – You can study it from anywhere , however VISION IAS Monthly current affairs will be a good choice.


Keep in mind that no exam is beyond ur capacity . It’s all whether u want it or not.

Don’t just stuck in SSC Loop , giving exams year by year . Get 1 job no matter which and give ur best for UPSC. Have faith in GOD . U will get success a day for sure.


Any doubt will be welcomed under comment section , as and when i will get time , i will surely answer.


Keep following SSC to UPSC.





3 thoughts on “Perfect Strategy for UPSC Prelims

  1. Yeah I very much agree with your point that we must not get stuck in SSC loop if our ultimate goal is UPSC. Nice post.

  2. HI I am presently accountant in cga.This was my first attempt and i got it.
    Now i am in a little confusion whether it is better for me to prepare for upsc or to try another chance for ssc for better rank.I am posted in Delhi.

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