State / office wise allocation of candidates selected for the post of ‘Auditor’ through the Combined Graduate Level Examination-2014

State / office wise allocation of candidates selected for the post of ‘Auditor’ through the Combined Graduate Level Examination-2014

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35 thoughts on “State / office wise allocation of candidates selected for the post of ‘Auditor’ through the Combined Graduate Level Examination-2014

  1. Sir, i have got DGA, NORTHERN RAILWAY, UTTAR PRADESH BASED DIVISIONS..i am not getting what does it mean and where it is…..sir please clear my confusion

    • Bhai I m also selected from cgl 14……I m also in confusion. …..plz bhai contact me at my no 9616912698 or 7045975006

      • Bhai your numbers are always either switched off or out of coverage area…you can call me 7351442145…its Dinesh Jaat

    • any one who working in cag acc. in delhi,raj.,hariyana,panjab,m.p. and wants to come nagpur can contact. 9928034734

  2. If anyone posted as Auditor in Assam wants to come to Arunachal Pradesh (Itanagar AG) please contact 09678729696 for mutual transfer

  3. Admin,
    I am in dilemma, I need your advise urgently…

    I received appointment order for an SSC post and it asked me to join on or before 29 Feb subject to medical fitness and other requirements.
    On the otherside, I am asked to appear for RRB documents Verification on 20 Feb with an NOC of present govt. employer if applicable.

    On 20 Feb I have no employer so NOC is required during doc Verification for rrb?
    On 29 Feb if I join SSC post, should I intimate rrb and SSC of each other?
    Can I leave SSC post after two or three months of work and go to rrb post on appointment order? Will that be easy ?
    RRB has said that noc is mandatory while doc Verification for working candidate
    I am confused !
    I want but not sure of getting RRB because of medical fitness. I also don’t want to loose SSC post in case I get disqualify for RRB.

    Please help,

    • Dnt get confused dear, on tje date of interview u dnt have a job so need not present a noc. As simple as that. What happens in near future , u r not liable for that. Simply say nothing to them. Same happened in my case when i had to appear for ssc 2014 interview, n i had been allotted IDBI in ibps but had not joined yet. Even at the time of interview i asked these guys,the officials who verify tje docs before interview, whether i m to state this fact somewhere, they said no. So just chill buddy. All the best

    • no issue go ahead for rrb u dont need any noc ….. hoeever if u are interetsde to join rrb , inform them when u join ssc post but no need to say such thing at the time of int

  4. hi sir,
    please help in choosing the post preference.
    my marks are 423.75 (OBC rank 1060)) and i’m from telangana/andhra pradesh state,

    is there any possibility of getting excise ? if not what posts do i prefer to get south region posting

    thanks in advance

    • that can only be said after seeing state wise vacancies break up better go for a good post instead of thinking for state or else file rti in each dept for state wise vacancy … however based on past exp , u should get excise in south easily

  5. I am selected as auditor in srinagar.through cgle-2014
    for mutual transfer in any state
    pz contact on 8957976740


  6. Anybody having Delhi or Chandigarh posting for Auditor in CAG want to join at Banglore.
    Plz contact 9654434956,9896625035 for mutual transfer.

    • Hiiii.. Jile Singh
      please give me ur mobile number or contact me on 9125596259 so we can communicate further

      i also got PDA Central Railway Mumbai

  7. Please tell me sir………how to get character certificate done in delhi for cgl-14 attested by dm/sdm
    I don’t have domicile of delhi

  8. Admin sir….its been approx 15 days since my police verification for cag auditor 2014……should i contact the department regarding join letter???? And how can i contact.?

  9. Hello admin,
    1. desirable qualification means kya hai for post of AAO in cgl 2016 ?
    2. Expected cutt off kya rahega for general candidate from your experience for AAO?
    3. Result declared hone ke kitne din baad joining hoo jayegi AAO ki, kyuki abhi mein jaha kaam kar rha huu waha 3 months ka notice dena padega.

    • 1. desirable ka means interview main sayad 1 -2 no extra mil jae n posting k time apko better posting mil jae..

      2. hypothetical question

      3. cag bahut slow hai kam se kam 6 mahine man k chalna even if they pace up their speed.

  10. Dear sir, i am selected as auditor in cga-2014.
    But havn’t received my joining letter from ssc. Even dosier status is also under process. Their is no reason for that. My post code is V. Plz help me

    • Hi Jyoti , did u get your joining done .
      I am selected for the same post auditor in cga and others(post code V) in cgl 2015 and have no idea what is the further process of joining. I havent received my joining letter too. plz help if u have any information regarding this.

  11. Anybody who got selected as cag auditor and got delhi,up, chandigarh, dehradun or hariyana and wants to switch to bhubaneshwar (general and social sector audit) can contact me


    And sir can u plz tell me the procedure of switching..plz..

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