26 thoughts on “Official Answer Keys out for SSC CGL 2015 mains

  1. sir i got 440(ur category)..i lost 8 marks becoz of the wrong answers in english key…will they really change if i send them representation..
    plus sir i did not score well in my graduation and i don’t have any extra curricular activities’ certificate neither i have any experience…so if i perform and answer well in interview wud i be able to get 70+ marks having these negatives in my biodata form..plz reply

    • that depends that what life u want …. it should be your decision only …. just to tell u your salary after 7th cpc will be more than infosys one if u have below 3 year exp.

  2. sir i got 397 marks in cgl 15 (sc category)…would i got any ip post….pls give me idea of sc rank near 397 …i hv no idea …it was my first cgl atteempt…..

  3. Why did SSC announce ans key again?
    the Tier 2 was conducted way fast after Tier-1 and now they take 3 months just for the ans key for tier 2…
    This is really frustrating…..

  4. Sir, what are my chances of getting interview post after scoring 435 gen. If not then what are my chances for cab auditor

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