Very Important Tip for Delhi selected candidates irrespective of department and Designation

Very Important Tip for Delhi selected candidates irrespective of department and Designation.


If you are not from Delhi , please do not opt for medical center in delhi .


In Delhi u will be given only RML hospital for medical check up.

( Please note that for every service , no matter if tax assistant or css assistant or inspector , u need to go through a normal medical check up )


If u opt for Delhi as medical center ,  then your joining will be delayed for sure by at least 2 months as compared to if you opted medical center in your local city ( your local civil hospital will be your medical center then )


In Delhi they will give you medical dates after 2 months from the day you go there for medical because more than 2500’s candidates medicals are going on there as this keeps going same way always as all delhi office’s medicals are done in RML Hospital only.


Also , in Delhi they do it thoroughly while in your local city , staff will be much cooperative as compared to Delhi one.


Please note that this is not army medical no one gonna through you out.

It just in Delhi your joining will be delayed by 2-3 months due to heavy line for medical while in your local city , it will be done either same day or the next day.


So keep it in mind that whenever your department ask you for medical , simply tell them that we will get it done from our local city only.


This is for only those candidates who have been selected in Delhi no matter which post you are selected for and in which department.


Best wishes for everyone.


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23 thoughts on “Very Important Tip for Delhi selected candidates irrespective of department and Designation

  1. SIr, i have 1 question….

    i live in chandigarh and selected as ITI in 2014, now because of my rank i will be given south most probably…

    hence for medical whether i have to go for checkup in the given zone (state allocation) for eg. chennai by the department or can i go through this in my local city hospital (chandigarh) ?

    • the main concern is in delhi only. baki kahi pe bhi ho koi fark nahi padta ….. apke liye better yahi hoga k chennai se hi kra lo taki wapas aane jane ka chakr na lage ….

      • Lets see ki kya hota hai….wais hi sir phati padi hai kahi chennai na mil jaye… waha ka office culture bahut khatarnak hai…
        Plus ye cbdt wale bhais ki aankh process complete karne main itna time laga rahe hai…
        2012 se bella hoon aur ab 2016 hone ko hai… halat kharab kar rakhi hai berozgari ne… 🙁

  2. Sir,
    I m from delhi & I got delhi posting in cga in 2014. Can I opt any other city for medical checkup? Or I m bound to get checkup from RML DELHI.
    Plese reply..

  3. Hi

    For candidates selected as excise inspector Delhi zone through cgl 2014 can we opt for our home state for medical in my case Rajasthan or we have to get it done from rml only.

    • that depends on your dept k woh kya karte hai lekin agar woh rml de toh kehna jarur k sir home state main karwa lunga … baki aap logo ka excise main color blindness ka issue rehta hai rml main hi hoga sayad aap logo ka toh phir

  4. sir i have a question regarding ssc chsl …i had not given ldc as preference in the chsl exam 2015 my preference was deo ans postal assistant only then i want to know if i will cross the merit of only ldc post… then whether they will opt me for ldc.. or disqualify????

  5. Hi sir now I am working in c.b.e.c as tax assistant since 2014 now I have selected for excise inspector through cgl 2014 sir my left eye vision with glass is 6/6 but right eye is only 6/18 will there any problem in my selection at joining time of t.a I have no colour blindness and now I can also read upper colour blind test please help me

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