Auditors/Accountants – Grade pay not changed – What is entire issue and How to resolve it ?

Auditors / Accountants – Grade pay not changed – What is entire issue and How to resolve ?

Every year SSC recruits Auditors ( CAG , CGA , CGDA ) and Accountants / Jr Accountsnt ( CGA , CAG , DOT , DOP ) via SSC whose grade pay is 2800 as per 6th cpc.

Now , for last so many years there unions were demanding 4200 grade pay for these posts and they even demanded the same from 7th Pay commission.

But after 7th pay commission submitted its report , and its clear to everyone now that team of 7th cpc have rejected their demand.

It is clearly written there in 7th cpc report : –

Page no 853

Analysis and Recommendations : –

11.62.15 : –

SSC CGL Examination consists of written examinations and interview.

Applicants who have to clear both the written examinations as well as the interview are eligible for recruitment for posts carrying higher grade pays of GP 4200/GP 4600.

Applicants who do not have to clear the interview and are selected only on the basis of written examinations are placed in GP 2800.

Although Auditors/Accountants are selected through CGLE, they are selected only on the basis of written examination.

The Commission, therefore, recommends replacement pay levels for Auditors/Accountants.

{{ Replacement pay level means  grade pay 2800 in 6th cpc should now be in the level 5 with basic salary Rs 29200 in 7th cpc.

It means that your grade pay will not be changed into 4200 – Level 6 Basic Rs 35400.}}

Most of the candidates are confused with the statement of pay commission and were not able to comprehend it.  Now i guess u all are clear what the actual status is .


Conclusion Now from ours side  : – 

As Interviews are abolished for all SSC CGL Posts , the 7th CPC report point through which 7th cpc rejected the pay increment demand stands null and void now.

And as per commission statement , interview was the only barrier which forced them to reject the demand of pay increment.

Now you ( All Candidates ) have very good chance to get your demand approved.

( Keep in mind that this will ultimately increase your salary by a min of 7000 Rs , and i guess we all fight here for a better life and better salary )

Now , same process for all posts ( just written exam ) and same qualification for all posts ( Graduate in any stream ) simply justifies that same pay scale should be for all posts otherwise it will be simply injustice to theses candidates.

Moreover , in every department,   there is direct entry ( Direct Entry means selection based on open competition ) on all Job classes/groups ( A , B, C , D )

For example consider the case of MEA ,

CLASS A : -IFS Officers –  VIA UPSC

CLASS B – Assistants – VIA SSC

Class C – LDC – VIA SSC

But for all these departments where auditors and accounts works via SSC ,

Entry levels are : –

Class A officer – VIA UPSC

Class B – Only promotion based

Class C – Auditors / Accountants – VIA SSC

Class C – LDC – VIA SSC

You see , all the group B posts ( Sr Auditors / Accountsnts , AAO , AO ) are based on promotion only.

So upgrading Auditors / Accountants in group B – 4200 stands perfect in this sense too which ultimately will lead to up gradation of Sr Auditors / Accountants into 4600 and will make them a perfect organisation and designations to work.

Now i guess matter is clear to all.


What can be done Now ?

7th Pay commission has just submitted its report. Final approval will be by Ministry of Finance.

So at this stage you all can perform following step by Standing Unite : –

( Keep in mind that only via SSC 2012 , 2013 and 2014 -a total of  16000+ candidates have been selected for various posts which include Jr accountants/Accountants in CGA/DOT/DOP/CGA , Auditors in CGDA/CAG/CGA and almost same strength u will found of those who are promote on these posts which makes the total strength 32000 + )

Even if 25% of this strength came together it amounts to a total of 8000+ which is really good number to get your work done.

It totally depends on you whether you want to get your pay scale upgraded or not.

However from my side , I will suggest these options as if now :  –

1.) Write to Finance Ministry over this issue as final step is to be taken by them

2.) Write to DOPT about this as they will play a major role into this

3.) You may further take it to PMO if you want.

4.) Contact your unions ( If there is any active, although i suspect ) and stand unite to them.

Q : – How can your write to authorities ?

And : – drop either an email to the secretary of these offices or a physical letter to these offices under their name.

Any experienced candidate /leadership quality candidate may create a facebook page/ group and drop the link below in the comment section so that other may join it and u all stand unite then.

You may even lodge a public grievance on  under DOPT and explain them everything.

You do not need any defined format . just simply write what u understand from this post and what is your demand.

Stand Unite and give your best. When u can fight for 2 years to get a job then atleast 15-20 min u must give for a better salary.

I wish success to u all.

Keep following SSC to UPSC for all the latest updates.

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  1. This is it, I was in want of this article to understand the issue…

    I am sending the mails on tuesday to all three destination you mentioned,
    please make us updated on this issue,

    Thanks for your kind effort…

  2. Thanks.Will do that..:) similar step is required to start AAO exam in Dept of Post..otherwise We will be stuck with Sr Accountant for a very long time :-/

    • Bhai aapne mail kiya tha to kya response aaya 7rh pay me to kuch revise nhi huwa gp of auditor….
      Plz send the email address of each department where we have to put our points

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