Auditors / Accountants Grade Pay is not changed even after long Demand – What Now?

Auditors / Accountants Grade Pay is not changed even after long Demand from the unions – What Now?

The only thing u can do now is send as many representations as u can in Ministry of Finance , DOPT , PMO etc


Tell them clearly that 7th CPC have given reason this reason – ” As these are non interview posts , grade pay can not be changed for these posts.”

But as interview is abolished now for all ssc posts , Then 7th cpc point stands null and void now.

You have very good opportunity , But u need to unite now and  aware govt authorities about this anomaly.

More the Grievances , Representations ,  more chances will be  there for grade pay change to next level.( 4200 )

Now its in your hand that how much unite u people are and upto which level u can take it. Otherwise be satisfied with what u have.

Do remember that your little effort can result in a salary increase of Rs 6-7000 atleast.


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17 thoughts on “Auditors / Accountants Grade Pay is not changed even after long Demand – What Now?

    • saf likha hia bejo representations , grievances etc …. aware authorities about this issue in all possible way ……. jab interview hai hi nahi toh is statement pe demand neglect karne ka kya matlab ahi

      • Sir,in obedience with your efforts i want to drag your attention towards non employment of ex-serviceman in this category of post i.e.2800 grade pay posts. By rule,ex-serviceman cant be appointed in group B posts directly. So,they will be exempted from these posts. How to tackle that issue? (I want to clarify here that i am not an ex-S & i don’t empathize with them in this particular matter)

        • thanks misra ji , actually i have no idea about this issue … it would be better if u can write a detailed article over this and send it to me at or post it in the comment below .

          I will post it as it is on the website and will try my best to raise the issue .

  1. But sir Jo log already working hai in departments mai….aur Jo union ki demand hai in logo ko karna cahaiye kuch protest…we will do from our side but. Working ka effect jyada hoga….bcz ye demand kafi din sai to make their grade pay 4200…

    • karna toh chaiye tha lekin agar itne effective hote woh log toh sayad 10 sal pehle hi ho jati ye chije …. baki jisko jarurat hai woh kare jisko nahi woh aram kare … simple thumb rule hai

  2. Thankyou sir for enlighten us…we will unite…we will give our best efforts…is their any way to mail them on id, than kindly give it to us….

  3. Sir, can you draft a letter with relevant and strong points so that we can send it to different authorities as described by you. I assume, I along with other candidates are not aware of supporting facts. Thanks

  4. But isnt our salary will increse even if grade pay is not increased? In the matrix chart accountant salary gross will be 39000.

  5. Whether the provision of graduating to aao through sas exam is still there of this has been abolished by the 7 cpc.

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