21 thoughts on “Accountant in Dept of Post ( SSC CGL 2014 ) – SPF letter to receive within next 15 days

  1. Need your advice regarding tax assistant attestation form,

    I was required to send character certificate issued by gazetted certificate and attested by dm/sdm/jm (you might aware of this). SDM refused to attest and issued character certificate on her own after police verification. So I sent both certificates to tax deptt. TN along with a letter explaining sdm behaviour.
    Today I received letter from tax deptt. stating that I sent incomplete documents, now the letter demands “character certificate issued by gazetted certificate and attested by dm” and “all mark sheets attested by gazetted officer” in a short period of 4 days.
    What should I do ? SDM is arrogant, DM office does not permit for attestation.

    Can you please make available any document or act that duty bound dm/sdm to attest character certificate issued by
    gazetted officer for recruitment in group c post ?

    • Actually i do not have any idea about any such act. For this we need to file an rti andf it will take time but we do not have time as u need to get it done in 4 days.

      Go to your SDM with nany of your seniour family member. Explain everything that this is a formality sir . show him the letter u received.

      Try to convenience him. If he carry a hidden him with you and if he denies , show the same to your local MLA, MP .
      and provide the same video to us . I will upload it here and will get it upload on locial Indian website.

      We will try max to expose that SDM on our level. But u see these all process will take time and i do not want u to loose your job.

      So ultimately consider this as a necessity and try your best to get your work done by requesting him . As this is the only thing u can do now.

  2. Hello Sir, I sent a letter to SSC a month back regarding change in my address..now will DoP send me the SPF on the new address or the same old address ? It has become very confusing as I have strong doubts regarding SSC updating it in its records.

    • pehle ta cbdt join kar lo phir jr accountant kar lena postal ka ….. baki jr accountant postal better job hai ta cbdt se … kyoki jo 10 sal main sr ta main promotion ka rule excise main aaya hai woh within 6 months cbdt main bhi aane wala hai …. aur vaise bhi always prefer better grade pay

  3. Dear sir, Please give us info. about the attestation form and what is the means of ‘send attestation in duplicate’.have a lot of cofusion about it.

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