IN Details information for Technical Resignation and LIEN

Technical Resignation :-

In simple words Technical Resignation is a facility provided
to the Central Govt employees who are going to join other Central Govt. job.
State Govt Employees, Bankers and any other PSU workers are not entitled to Technical Resignation to join Central Government.

The benefits of Technical Resignation are like, if you are going to same Grade pay like 4600 GP to 4600 GP, 2400 to 2400 GP or like that, then all are you annual increments in salary will be carry forwarded …

This is called Pay protection, you will be not entitled to pay protection if you are coming from Lower Grade pay to Higher or vice-versa(only this benefit will be available for same grade pay, all other benefits which i will mention is provided to any grade pay to any grade pay people)….

Second your previous seniority will also be counted in quarters allocation…. Means if your were for 4 years in your previous job then in your new job you will be 4 years senior in quarters allocation.

Keep in mind that  this seniority will be carry forwarded only in the case of quarters allocation, not in the case of promotion.So your promotion will be as like as the fresh joining people, your seniority for promotions will decided solely on your rank in CGL exam/ Any Other Exam , etc.

Your all remaining leaves will be carry forwarded in your new job. If you are a permanent employee in your previous job means if you have completed probation then you will get Transfer allowance for transfer in New job… More over you will get 10-12 days joining time to irrespective of you have completed probation or not (joining time will not be given if your both jobs are in same city)… Further, your probation period in previous job will not be carry forwarded means you have to go through Probation in your new job.

Though some rules say that your PVR and Physical ,Medical  , etc will be carry forwarded but can not be taken for guaranteed.

You can give technical Resignation whenever you want, no minimum time to the
parent job is required… To avail Technical Resignation u should intimate whenever
you have been selected for the other job (in case of you are already working)…

If you are not working and waiting for your joining, meanwhile you are selected for another Central Govt. job then you have to intimate at the time of your joining in your
department of your first job.

All you have to write a simple letter to the Personnel & Establishment section of your department informing them that “you are selected in new central govt job, this is for your information and necessary action at your end please.”

Keep informing them for your every proceeding like Physical, medical, sending
attestation forms etc.

When you will get joining letter for your new job then apply for the Technical resignation enclosing your joining letter… you will be relieved easily, no
problem will arise.
LIEN:- LIEN is facility giving chance to a Central Government employee to come to
back to his previous Central Govt job if he goes in any other Central Govt job giving
Technical Resignation.

To avail LIEN Employee should have completed his probation in previous department which is 2 years and also he should have been issued order for his confirmation in the previous department or 3 years of joining whichever is earlier.
LIEN period is for 2 years , means a person has time of 2 years of time in his new
department to go back to his previous department. His seniority in the parent
department will not be affected in this whole process.

He will join back in his previous seniority by taking LIEN . At the expiry of 2 years you will not get chance to go back your previous department.


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11 thoughts on “IN Details information for Technical Resignation and LIEN

  1. Details:
    I m presently working as LDC on 1900GP in Central Govt Dept. I have givenSSC mains 2015, n hoping to get IP post. I have also been selected for another post of 2400 GP, for which I require to join new job on or before Dec 2015.

    Query :

    If I join t new job with 2400GP n subsequently when SSC CGL job is being given, can I give technical resignation in new dept, as I will be on probation there (I will inform them regarding my application for job in SSC CGL 2015, as I already communicated this to my dept).

    Pls suggest t options available.

    Thanking you.

    • If you have informed the Admin Section of your new job, it will be considered as technical resignation. But you will be not eligible for pay protection (you need not it as next job will be higher GP). So keep informed new Dept about your application of CGLE-2015.

    • no u can not …. thoda padh bhi liya karo yar uper saf saf likha hai ….. tech registration for only those who are going in same grade pay

  2. Hello Admin sir…how r u???
    I have a personal query sir…
    I hv been allotted Mumbai excise in cgl 2014 batch…joining by 13 June…
    The other thing is I hv also been selected as senior section engineer in Electrical general service, Allahabad railway zone…
    Sir which is better??
    Mumbai is so rushed n no peace of mind but it’s a reputed job while railway has is its limitation…need ur suggestion plz…

  3. Sir i am yet to join a central govt job with 1900 gp but i have secured a job in my home state too, state govt job, with same gp i.e. 1900. is it comfortably possible to resign from my central govt job, after i join, to come to a state govt job with same grade pay?

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