Soon to start activities to raise voice against Exam – Cheating / Exam Scandals

We here at SSC to UPSC , are planning to start an initiative to raise voice against exam cheating / scandals / all ways which stops an honest candidates to get a job.

This can not be done by a single entity . We need your support in form of evidence against various exam scandals.

Some of the most popular model for cheating we know are : –

1.) Candidate X gives paper in spite of Candidate Y for money say 2-5 lacs which is very popular in North India for SSC / IBPS / State Government Exams. ( This is the most popular and most successful model especially in Delhi / Haryana /Bihar / Rajasthan / UP and MP )

2.) Paper Out – Providing paper or answer key to candidates few hours before paper.

3.) Leaving blank answer sheet and later the conc. department officers fill it taking money.

4.) Other if any.

We do not have any evidence for these things till now.

But it is happening since years and someone was to start … so we are giving it a start ….. we will very soon come up with a separate website or  (section is this website ) for this.

We will try to eradicate all this by : –

1.) By Police Complaint

2.) Media involvement

3.) Filing RTI in Lacs in the department for that issue.

4.) Filing Grievance in Lacs in PMO and other department for the issue.

5.) Arranging human strike whenever needed.

See , most of you might have faced these men or at least know there persons. If u will come forward , definitely they all network will be busted.

Remember , if these people had not been there , you might have been on a better top position today which u missed because of these cheaters.

So come together , spread the words and connect as many people as u can against these cheaters.


We are ready to invest money on your better future . Are u ready to invest your time .


All mail / evidence can be forwarded to or may be leaved in the comment section below.


SSC to UPSC Team

Working hard for a better India.


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