Rank LIst in Excel – Accountant in CGA and Postal – SSC CGL 2014

Rank LIst in Excel – Accountant in CGA and Postal – SSC CGL 2014


( Revised and corrected )


Rank-List-CGA Accountant-by-SSC-to-UPSC

Rank-List-Postal Accountant-by-SSC-to-UPS


State wise vacancies – Postal Department


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107 thoughts on “Rank LIst in Excel – Accountant in CGA and Postal – SSC CGL 2014

  1. Thanx Admin for ur excel rank list . i am selected as postal accountant with rank 28 in this dept.(ur list also said so..!! awasome help).
    now can i except my posting in West bengal ??(VACANCY IN WB 24 UR AS PER UR POST)

  2. My Rank is 144[Gen] in Dept of Post. I am ready to serve anywhere except Assam, J&K, Meghalaya and TN. What are the odds ? Please suggest. I am also selected as Bank PO in PNB but want to join Postal Dept just beause I want to prepare for UPSC. Will it be a wise choice ?
    Also, Can you please tell me from where can I get information regarding the cities where Accountants get posted.



  3. please check your rank list for cga accountant….you have made a mistake..
    especially after this roll no 2201100316 VINOD KUMAR

    • what mistake could u please elaborate so that i can correct it ….. we are going busy now a days so time issue … if u could tell us that would be a great help for all

  4. Sir i am from delhi and have been allotted DOP, tell something about the department will i get posted in delhi if anywhere else would that place be good or bad?
    When will the state preference be asked? would it be feasible to prepare for upsc with this Job.?

  5. Sir,
    I have a query, I am from eastern region & have been selected as junior accountant in CGA & my rank is 439 as per the excel rank list of CGA accountant. From your website, i came to know that there are several ministries (ministry of health, ministry of IT, ministry of external affairs etc..) under this post, will the notification to specific ministries will be given to us in a further list by ssc or it will be done by regional offices?

  6. Sir my rank is 91 in postal department … What will be the chance of my getting posted in rajasthan… Rajasthan has 26 ur post fr postal department

  7. Sir according to ssc I am getting cga 7204709502 BITTU
    But in your rank excel file you say I am getting postal
    Pls check ur file.

  8. Sir i get assistant in other ministry as election commision..posting all over india ya only in delhi? Wht abt promotion and other benefits in election commission gp 4600

    • posting in delhi mostly chances ….. normal as in other ministries — 10-12 years for first promotion … section officer

  9. Hi, I am Vinay Kumar, my roll number is 2201250070 and rank is 989. According to SSC official list I got CGA but according to you, I got Postal. I think you made mistake. In SC category, a candidate namely Vinod Kumar (rank 983) from general category got postal and the next candidate name sanjay rajora (rank 984) from SC category again got postal because they have different category. But after 1004 rank your list is same as official because you again made mistake and 2 consecutive candidate rank 1003 and 1004 namely Piyush Kumar and Nitin Maurya respectively both got Postal. So please make appropriate changes so that candidate may not confuse.

    Vinay Kumar

  10. Sir I am not able to understand what i have got in cga accountant code x . CAG accountant ot postal? Please help me understand Name piyush Kumar roll no 220123334 rank 1003 . Vinay Kumar is saying i have got postal?
    If it is postal which state it is likely to be?

  11. Dear admin..
    First of all thanks a lot to u for ur earlier list of nomination …..I got cga as ur list and ssc list..
    Sir I appeared in tier2 from delhi….rank is 600+ …will I get posting in delhi??
    How much time will it take to join..???

        • that depends excise main achi jagah mil gayi toh chill hai ….. css main koi low rank ministries mil gayi tab bhi bdia ….. divisional accountant main koi acha office mil gaya toh moj hi moj ……….

          baki in short assistant in railways …. ikloti aisi post hai jo tumari icha poori kar sakti hai …..

          baki yar workload se na daro … sarkar se paisa le rahe ho thoda kam bhi kar lo … koi ghis nahi jayega …..

  12. Hi Sir,

    I am selected in cga. Currently i am working in an organisation where i need to submit 3 months prior notice for resign.
    Please tell me when should i submit my resignation to get joining in cga on time.

  13. Sir, I got CGA through CGL-14, My OBC Rank in CGA-108.Only one candidate who rank above me and appeared in exam from Chandigarh.
    and i gave ssc exam (pre & mains) from Chandigarh but my home district is Gurgaon (Haryana).
    What are the chances to get posting at Delhi.
    I m already working at Chandigarh with CAG, please give the way to to get Delhi posting.
    ..Thanks in advance

    • write e letter to the CGA, requesting him to allot u delhi as u do not want chandigarh . this is the only way they may consider .otherwise u will be given chandigarh only as per their past record

  14. sir
    ye ministry kab tk allot ho jayengi…i m selected in cga as a jr accountant?
    aur hame kese pata chalega ki hame kon si mili h?

  15. hello sir, i got 116 rank as per your list still i get postal and one of my friend has 5-6 marks less than me still he gets cga… i didn’t get it…. could you please tell me….

  16. Dear admin !
    Thanks for valuable help you are doing.
    My rank in postal is 100 UR & my first and second choices are Delhi (41 UR vaccancies) & UP ( 21 UR vaccancies) respectively. What % may I hope to get one of these two cities?
    Thanks in advance

  17. Dhanywad Sir ji !!

    Sir kya mai is blog me “Extension” ke bare me puchh sakta hu?

    Sir agle 6, 8 mahino tak mai job kar pane me asamarth hu to aisa koi risk free tarika hai ki mai 6 mahine baad se join karu? Sir agar is “Extension Process” ki koi detailed & authentic link mil paye to badi kripa hogi.

  18. Sir ji Postal ke liye State Form ki aaj last date hai. logo ne form 10 din pahle hi bhej diye hain lekin postal accounts wings unhe ab tk koi mail ya suchna n mili hai form ke receiving ko leke.

  19. Sir ji Postal ke liye State Form ki aaj last date hai. logo ne form 10 din pahle hi bhej diye hain lekin postal accounts wings se unhe ab tk koi mail ya suchna n mili hai form ke receiving ko leke.

  20. Sir mujhe cgl 14 s accountant home affairs Mila h. Mera attestation form submit Ho chuka 29 march ko. Pr police verification nhi Hua abhi tk. Jabki kuch ka Ho chuka h. Sir mujhe kise contact karna chahiye. Sir plz clear the process of police verification too.

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