Excise TA will become Sr Tax Assistant / Executive Assistant now after 10 year of service ( earlier it was 3 years )

Excise TA will become Sr Tax Assistant / Executive Assistant now after 10 year of service ( earlier it was 3 years )

As the CBEC will also conduct open exam for that post ( Sr. Tax Assistant / Executive Assistant )

This is totally injustice to all the Tax Assistants and  a huge loss to all the tax assistant who will join CBEC as compared to CBDT now.

You may download the official gazette from the below provided link.

Excise Notice


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56 thoughts on “Excise TA will become Sr Tax Assistant / Executive Assistant now after 10 year of service ( earlier it was 3 years )

  1. Sir, what is the current status regarding joining of cgl 13 tax ast?? And attestation n medical form kb tk aaega ta in cgl 13 walo ka?

  2. It is regarding : “Excise TA will become Sr Tax Assistant / Executive Assistant now after 10 year of service ( earlier it was 3 years )”

    I have some doubts it would be helpful if you clarify these :
    1) What is the Pay Scale and Grade Pay of STA.
    2) Is Executive Assistant is same as STA or it is some different post. Are they going to merge these.
    3) Unable to understand point number 11 in the Gazette you mentioned.

    Where juniors who have completed their qualifying or eligibility service are being considered for promotion, their seniors would also be considered provided they are not short of the requisite qualifying or eligibility service by more than half of such qualifying or eligibility service or two years, whichever is less and have successfully completed their probation period for promotion to the next higher grade along with their juniors who have already completed such qualifying or eligibility service.

    It is written Seniors with eligibility service or 2 years which ever is less. How can anyone be senior with 2 years of service , if the eligibility is 10 years.

    4) It is written that 60% will be promotions within the department. How are they going to find TAs with 10 years of experience if earlier eligibility TAs used to be promoted within 3 years.

    • 1) Pay scale of STA will be 4200
      2) May be both are equal but not sure
      3) please try to understand it if you still face any issue then please reply again
      4) Wait for final decision by Departments

      • Wht kind of stupid reply is that….a person can become senior in case someone who fullfills the criteria of 10 yrs but he has come on ICT from some other zone so he will be junior to all those who have joined before him..in that case if that person will be given promotion..all those will be given promotion who has completed even two yrs of service and cleared all departmental exam.

  3. sir tax assistant clerk ki post hoti hai? i read somewhere that TA is entry level officer..how could it be possible as it is group c post

  4. Hi,

    Is there any update regarding this. I heard that unions are opposition these new recruitment rules. Is there any chance that these recruitment rules will be made void? Please reply.

      • Sir, notional base pe 2001 ki w.e ldc ka promotion 2014 me mila hey.to 7 sal k bad ta ka promotion milta tha as per rule. To ab 2016 me hame vapas notional base pe TA ka promotion 2008 se mil sakega ki nahi.

  5. Notional base i got promotion as ldc w.e.f july 2001 in 2014. As per rules after 7 years completed i have to got promotion in july 2008. But not given and just given promotion as Ta in December 2014.can i eligible for promotion as TA in july 2008. Please reply me urgent.

  6. Cbec me Ta promotion k liye havaldar aur ldc ka combined service count kar k promotion mil raha he. To sr.TA ka promotion k liye ldc aur Ta ka combined service count kar k promotion mil sakega k nai

  7. Is this 10 yrs of service of servive in ta confirmed to become sta/EA? Can’t all the ta in cbec oppose this new rule?

  8. ta association is so week, but in cbdt it is strong, so they did’t applied this new rr rule. For cbec ta we all have to go to cat for this injustice done to us. If vacency is there in the zone then why they should hamper promotion.

  9. MINISTRY OF FINANCE IS THE PARENT MINISTRY OF BOTH OF BOARDS CBEC AND CBDT. BUT THE CIRCULAR WAS PUBLISHED ONLY FOR CBEC T.A. THIS IS AN OUTSTANDING INJUSTICE AGAINST TA OF CBEC. THIS MUST BE EITHER ABOLISHED OR REGULARISED IN BOTH DEPARTMENTS. There is a vigrous requirement to take the matter to the court. In CBDT a MTS get promotion upto Inspector in 10 years eaisly without being a graduate. It is ridiculous and must not be accepted. Awake and be unite against this Injustice.

  10. sir
    cbec ta kay departmet exam se promotion le sakta hai kay
    what is rule for ta depart exam as inspector sr ta

    • sure, it is really injustice to all T.A.s , working in Cbec. My contact no. is 9828715935. Kindly make this group As All india T.A in Cbec . Dont restrain it by zone or state.

      • what will u do? High Rank officer wants your slow promotion. worst job TA CBEC if one get promotion in 10 years. Dont join this even in needed. go to another job or preparation of another cgl exam. even private job is much much better from TA now.

  11. only way to slow down work untill seniors does not support in the promotion rule o TA CBEC and the other thing make union strong together of TA + Inspector + Supp instead individual

  12. Cbdt and cbec comes under same ministry so what is the possibility that this ta to sta 10 year rule will also be applicable in cbdt in future 1 0r 2 year

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