Allocation Of Post in UDC(Code – Y) under SSC CGL -2014

Allocation Of Post in UDC under SSC CGL – 2014 had been done by SSC.

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24 thoughts on “Allocation Of Post in UDC(Code – Y) under SSC CGL -2014

    • Hi nakul..I too got selected for UDC through CGL’14..i went to the ministry to inquire and they said our forms have been forwarded to the concerned divisions..will get it by a whatsapp number is 9871159176..inform me if u get more details..

  1. Hi sir,
    Post- UDC.
    I got ministry of agriculture. Posting delhi main hi hogi ya kahi aur ? aur joining kab tak ho jayegi. Only 12 candidates selected for this dept. Thru ssc cgl 2014

    • Bro. I also got ministry of agriculture
      If you get any kind of information please inform me
      My WhatsApp number is 9031957718
      This will help both of us if I get any piece of information I ll inform you

  2. I am selected for UDC in Ministry of earth sciences.. what is most probable posting and how is promotion in this dept.?

    • most probale delhi …. promotion we do not have any idea for this ministry …. better contact someone from the department

  3. I got Ministry of Earth Sciences under UDC post in CGL2014…what are the chances of getting Delhi in state allocation???
    Now, On wards after department allocation…will state allocation be done department wise???

  4. Hello admin I selected UDC in mes army HQ. If There is some further proceeding as state preference form filling be done or UDC(army HQ mes) do not fill up SPF form.I also eager to know how and what standard medical test be done.

  5. sir, i am on the boundary line of interview list in 2015, and i need posting in delhi , which non interview job do you think will be best in the long run . promotions and peace of mind are major considerations.

    • @ js भाई मुझे भी टेक्सटाइल ninistry मिली है। 2016 में। कांटेक्ट me 9807648167

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