How to prepare for maths ( SSC CGL Mains ) by Gaurav Jain ( 197.50 in CGL 2014 – Paper 2 Maths )

Hi , This is Gaurav Jain. I am not the perfect person to teach u maths but would share some details with u here on Maths for ssc mains : –

Score of Tier I matters but Tier II plays an important role in SSC CGL EXAM.

There are many examples in SSC CGL 2012, SSC CGL 2013 and even in SSC CGL 2014 in which candidate scored less in Tier I but with the help of Tier II marks they made their dreams come true with the Stars and Emblem.

Role of Tier II:

Mathematics                 100 Questions                         200 Marks           2 Hours

English Language         200 Questions                         200 Marks           2 Hours

There are a lot of candidate who scored more than 360 marks in Tier II in SSC CGL 2014.

i.e : –

Sunil Kumar (1601524857) who scored just 122.00 in Tier I but after some good preparation he scored 388.75 in Tier II and made himself in Top 20 rankers of mains . Further he secured Inspector Examiner (AIR 157). Many more Examples are there.

You may find some other examples here who even with a score of 100 made it in final list : – Click Here

Expected Cutoff of TIER I:            097 – 101 ( Purely guess – I do not guarantee )

Expected Cutoff of TIER II:          428 – 433 ( If Mains paper comes same as of 2014 mains exam)

So, one have to score 335 on average in mains if scoring 100 in prelims.

So, Start Preparing for MAINS as Swami Vivekananda said

“Arise Awake and Stop not till The Goal is reached.”

Please Divert some extra time to Math part because it can give you more marks as compared to english —- The reason is – you have maximum accuracy , speed and opportunity to score in maths as compared to english.

Analysis of exam 2012, 2013, Reexam 2013 and 2014:

Arithmetic                     :        45 Questions

Advance Math               :        45 Questions

Data Interpretation        :        10 Questions

Check yourself where you stand.

  • Set the alarm clock at 1hour and 45 minutes and take any Math Paper (First solve previous year and then model test paper ).
  • Give your best attempt thinking it is your actual exam.
  • Mark the questions you were able to do and which you could not do. This will tell u exactly where u stands : –


Issue 1 : –

You are not able to attempt the Paper completely or you don’t have enough time to attempt the Question Paper

It simply means u are weak in fundamentals and you need to work hard to build ur fundamentals and complete ur syllabus first.

You have not achieved the level of maths yet for Mains Exam.

  • Buy any concept building books like RS Aggarwal (Basic Book), RD Sharma (Basic Book), Kiran Previous Years Chapter wise(Basic Book),    M Tyra (Advance Book) and Advance Maths by Rakesh Yadav (Advance Book).
  • Choose any one of basic and advance book and complete them at least twice to make your basics stronger in Advanced & Arithmetic Maths.

Now , Finish the sum from the Basic Book for Class 9th &  10th.

Now u are very well versed in concepts of Advanced & Arithmetic Maths.

  • Now u just need to practice as much sums as u can.

Issue 2 : – You attempted the paper completely and you left with time but still accuracy is not there and scored less.

If you are facing this issue – It shows that you had covered the syllabus but Exam pressure works on you. So in this case just keep practicing the model test paper daily as this is the only way.

It will help you a lot.Keep working on it.

I will suggest u making your day and night equal for exams.

I understand that it becomes very hard for people who are in the rural areas of the country where no one is there to solve their maths doubts and no one is there to tell them the best short trick or best method for that type of sum.

Keeping that in mind We ( SSC to UPSC Team , I , and many more teachers ( Full time / part time ) from well known institutes in ssc and bank segments )  have started an initiative called – DoubtCell.

It can be reached at : –

You can anytime ask ur maths doubts here at this website and we will try to give u a solution as soon as possible.

Please note as this is a free initiative so we are running sort of resources and time  and because of this it may take time may be 3-4 hours to reply ur question but we surely will reply.

Now u just need to study hard and ask all ur doubts without any hesitation at Doubtcell – no matter u ask the same question 1 time or 100 times.

This is a free initiative and we will always be free keeping a noble cause in mind to crate a platform where students from all the corner of the country will learn together without any financial constraints.

We are working hard to cover all subjects doubts experts along with free audio/video lectures / notes / previous year papers / Model question paper online etc but this will take some time to implement .

Till Then enjoy asking maths doubts at DoubtCell.


(( Note : DoubtCell was stopped in mid as Teachers were not willing to work for free. However , in future we will be back for sure with some same kind of thing when we will have full resources. ))



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  1. B is 20% efficient than A. B started the work & do it for x days. And then B is replaced A . And A completed the remaining work in x+8 days. Ratio of work done by A & B is 2:3. In how many day A & B working together to complete the whole work?

  2. Hiii GauravJi..The post was very helpful but I have a doubt..Are Mtyra and Advance Maths by Rakesh yadav are enough for Tier 2 maths
    Well I have completed Kirab Publication Maths book containing 7100..Keeping in Mind This thing can u please tell me weather Mtyra and AM by RY is enuf ?? or Can You suggest any Other Buk ??

  3. Hiii…i need your help in english for tier 2. So please tell me how to boost English n prepare for it to score well. Help me.

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