SSC CGL Exam 2014 – All India Rank List in Excel with Interview Marks

Please find below the rank wise excel sheet that contains Tier 1 + Tier 2 + Interview Marks for all candidates who were qualified in Tier 2 ( Interview Post )

+ Mark list for non interview post too ( Tier 1 + Tier 2 )

The benefit of this list is to see how some candidates who have scored very low in pre but still made it in top 100.

See them motivate yourself and go ahead for mains.

( We do not know any of these candidates – just representing data from the excel sheets )

Case 1 : –

SUMIT – All India Topper – (166.50+200+173.50 + 57 = 596.75 )

Even if you will score 100 less then him in 2015 We bet u will end up with a very good job.    … 😀

Case 2 : –

Rohit Saroha – All India Rank 34 ( 111.25 + 190 + 186.25 + 77 = 564.50 )

See this guy who made it in top 35 even after scoring 111.25 marks in tier 1.

For those who do not know  – almost 22000 candidates were above him after tier 1 result.

Most of the candidates loose hope at this moment saying ” Yar itne log aage hai ab kya fayda – ab toh next time hi karenge”

So we salute him for this milestone. And yes every low ranker can easily make it in toppers list if he wish to.

Case 3 : –

DIPANKAR CHATTERJEE : – All India Rank – 279  – (115.25 + 187 + 168.75 + 70 = 541 )

We guess he set up another example too for all candidates.

Case 4 : –

ROHIT MITTAL – All india Rank – 521  ( 106.25 + 195 + 183.75 + 47  = 532 )

He performed very low in pre – very high in mains but scored low in interview yet managed 521 all india rank.

Case 5 : –

ABHISHEK : – All India Rank – 1911 – ( 97.25 + 195.50 + 160 + 56 = 508.75 )

We guess he is the best example – 97.25 was the bottom line score and yet he managed 1911 rank that too with average interview score.

Means it all depends on mains.

So the point mentioning all these champs were that yes even being the last person who qualified prelims u have very high possibility to be in toppers but u need to study really hard now and score very good in mains.

If u will open this list u will find numerous person who scored very very high in prelims but end up without any job. Reason can be anything like overconfidence or cheating in tier 1 but that is not the mains concern now.

The main concern now is mains is on the way and u really need to crack mains for a good interview job.

All those who are scoring even 100 in SSC CGL 2015 have a fair chance to grab their desired post.

Don’t loose hope . Just go for it and set examples for others.

Every time u loose hope just check this excel sheet again and again.  It will boost u automatically.

We wish u all best of luck for mains.


Click Here for Excel File : – SSC CGL Exam 2014




31 thoughts on “SSC CGL Exam 2014 – All India Rank List in Excel with Interview Marks

      • Which is better between SBI PO and Accountant in CGA? I am very confused as many people are saying to join SBI for higher growth and respectable future as in CGA one will only get easy life but no dignity as compared to SBI. Sir, please guide me regarding this.

        • Agar monetry benefits dekne hia toh sbi …..

          agar life main kuch nahib karna sirf aram karna hia toh cga accounatnt …

          aur ha aao banne k bad cga main bhi monetry benefits thik thak hai …. apko guilt nahi hoga bank job chodne ka

          lekin jab tak aao nahi banoge toh sayad guilt ho …. isliye soch samaj k decesion lena ….

          From my point cga is much better post than sbi po as liability becomes 0 in cga while in bank u know it better than me.

  1. Even I had a border line score after tier 2 ..428.25 just 2 marks above cut off ..but a good interview ,60 marks , helped me to get central excise

      • It’s Rushal, mr. Admin…n life would be certainly better the day when UPSC is cracked..this is a just a backup to stay calm while preparation..getting around 135 in cgl 15 prelims..will not join cgl 14 if cgl 15 final results are declared before joining, I think it should be..thanks for this I initiative n ur support

  2. I too had 428.25 marks ….just 2 marks above cutt off…..interview marks 59….made my ranks 4546….got Inspector of Post as I didnot opt for EXcise Inspector as my legs have pain in joint…so no risk for physical test..

  3. Sir some people f ER region are claiming that due to invigilators fault, they dint right roll no and name separately on the modules, and now all candidates f ER are rejected. They are talking f going to court and even takin matter to ssc hq. In such events, can a revised result be expected?. I really don’t want one, bt seeing the condition, dnt want further delay..:(

  4. Sir a few days ago I asked you about a problem I was facing with my dossier, about two dates f graduation, u told me to write to ssc about it!
    Now can email be sent or physical letter has to be written ?
    If email will do, to what address ?
    And if they notice the discrepancy , they will not straight disqualify me right?, they will at least ask for me to come for verification .
    If I write to them, will I have to go again or they will rectify it by themselves, or will they just put my dossier on hold ?

    • no one can take ur job with this issue so don’t panicc …. even if they tried to be over smart u always have the option of judiciary system …. write on the link of grievance on ssc website … also drop a letter on the name of regional director from where u applied

      • thank your fr the reply sir, i put a msg on the grievance link, its been a week and they have not reverted back, writing a letter and fax is not feasible for me, m in a tight fit. If m not able to get this across to them, will it cause problems? , But if it needs to be done urgently and ASAP, then will have to go back to delhi, but if without doing this now and doing it after joining works, will go for that.
        and sir, even if they find out, they find will give me time to rectify it?

        • arre tension na lo bhia koi nahi chin sakta apki job ab …. and even if they found anyone guilty they gave ample time to rectify that….

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