Job Profile and Promotion Aspects – Accountant in CGA / Postal / Telecom / Others – SSC CGL

SSC CGL Recruits Accountant in CGA & Others every year.

Here is the job profile and promotion chances based on the content of real working professional : –

CGA : – Comptroller General Of Accounts : –

CGA is the Cadre agency for Accounts services of all the Central Government Ministries ( LIke , MEA , HRD , etc ) and Central Government Departments ( Like CBI , Excise ).

CGA recruits you at the level of Accountant with 2800 Grade Pay and your work in the ministry is to pass bill and make salary statement and internal audit ( Minimal Chances ) only for the concerned office.

Salary  of this post with can be seen here : – See Salary Here

Your first and compulsory promotion is on the post of Sr. Accountants after 3 year of regular service.

After the post of Sr Accountants you may get ur 2nd promotion to AAO ( Assistant Account officer – 4800 Grade Pay Gazatted ) but to become AAO u need to clear department exam – SAS

Remember : – If u do not clear your departmental exam u will be Sr Accountant life time but salary will increase.

Now it is totally on u that u become AAO in 3 years ( After 3 years u are eligible to sit for AAO Exam ) or after 10 years or never.

( Benefits of CGA over CAG : – 1.) Lifetime in Delhi in Good Ministry

2.) In CAG even u clear SAS exam – it take years to become AAO while in CGA promotion is immediate .)

Next Promotion After AAO : – AO( Accounts Officer – 5400 Garde Pay – It may take 15 years )

Next Promotion : – ( 5400 grade pay In Pay Band 3 ) : – This is the last promotion possible for the candidates recruited through SSC Exams . It will be after 12-15 year service as AO.

So this is all about CGA Accountant – Easy Life – 5 Days a week job – Minimal Work – AC Cabin – Fair Promotion Chances – 0 Corruption.

Now in 2000 , CGA separated 2 departments from Itself due to their large cadre strength and different Job Profile .

1.) Department of Telecom

2.) department of Post

Now , Department of Telecom : –

( Worst Department under CGL career growth wise  – strictly to be filled in last of preference )  : –

Postal Accounts Department : –

better from telecom but bad as compared to cga …

u will be sa in 3 years and as per new rules u will be divisional accountant ( 4600 gp ) in another 3 years subject to availability of seats.

( aao exam is also open. after 6 years of service )

Keep checking latest posts at  SSC to UPSC for further updates.

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  1. Sir plz give some information regarding assistant in other ministries grade pay 4200….I.e about its posting in delhi only or could be other place ..??????…its job profile and promotional aspect…..

  2. Admin which would be better between cag auditor & postal accountant…….according to ur suggestion……as i have heard that in cag maximumu ppl retire at sr AO with grade pay of 5400…….

    • Totally ur decesion ……

      postal …. 0 koi field visit nahi …. kahi dhakke nahi khane … 10 to 5 …. Typical Govt Job .. 5 days a week …. Better Promotion …. 0 Social status

      Cag …. Bahut Jyada Field Visits …. Fair Promotion ….. Good social status …… and many more benefits .

      Life is ur so decesion should be yours .

  3. Just tell meabout grade pay …… postal what grade pay we can reach…..n what abt cag……jindagi to dhakke khane ke liye hi bani hain 😉

    • Bhai agar SAS na nikla toh sari life Sr Accountant ….. Nikal Gaya toh 6600 sure hai chance 7600 k bhi poore honge if worked hard

    • 0 socail status means as compared to the inspectors/auditors rank …. Otherwise toh its a gud job not that bad ….

      Remember as what SSC NWR director said 80 lac application fpr 3-4000 clerks by SSC CHSL 2015 . You are much above them.

  4. A small correction above is AO to SR. AO in Postal or Telecom after 2 years not 12 years. From the last 15 years there is no recruitment for AAO in Postal and Telecom. There are 750 AAO vacancies as on 01.07.2015
    Almost 2/3 posts are vacant .

    • Satyan Raju …. The information provided above is given to us by A Deputy CCA ( 6600 Grade Pay officer ) who once recruited as LDC.

      But we would still like to hear from your side as well.

      It would be great if you could mail us all the details at …

      We will post the article by your name here . Perhaps this may clear many queries of job aspirants ….

      • Respected Sir,
        According to your allotment list I am getting Postal deptt as accountant. Sir I would like to request you to guide ne regarding the transfer policy and frequency of transfers in Postal deptt as it is tough for me to join a Non Interview post outside delhi. I gave my mains in delhi. And I would like to add that my spouse is working as a teacher in Delhi State Govt.

  5. Sir, my rank is 371 cga,general category, exm center delhi, paramanent address kota rajasthan. Chances of getting which city

  6. Dear Admin,
    First of all thanks to you for sharing such a valuable information. We were in dilemma about 7th pay commission salary hike but you cleared our doubts, I am working in Infosys from last 4 years, got selected in TA CBEC 2014, having aim of IAS, state PCS , Can you plz guide me if I should join TA(CBEC) or not.
    I want to know about work profile,promotion aspects of TA, your suggestion will be really appreciable

    • If ur aim had been truly IAS , You would have never asked this question.
      Remember one thing :- JO banna hai woh banna hai at any cost …….
      (However na ban paye toh apki TA ki nokri apka gujara karwa degi … Don’t worry . Now its upto u either stuck in SSC jobs profile or play blindly for UPSC )

  7. i am getting vadodara region in ta in cbec in 2013 ….
    and getting CGA according to ur list …. should I join TA ? i want delhi
    when will the joining of accountant will come?

    • completely ur choice – we can not say anything .. however i would prefer postal because it will make u gazetted officer in 3-5 years.

  8. Hello sir ,
    Actually during DV, in date of graduation I put up date of convocation as was mentioned on the degree, my online verification form was created on that basis, but during the checkin, the checker put the date of last sem mark sheet as the day f graduation, now my dossier has two dates as graduation dates, one one the initial page and different one on online verification from in dossier, will it create any problem.. Pls reply..

      • Right now I m out f station for quite a while, in case I cannot do it, will it lead to disqualification or any major issues, the dates mentioned are correct, just that on the first page the graduation date is date of final mark sheet and at the end of dossier, there is the online verification form, which has the date of convocation as graduation date.. So after the nomination, if they see the discrepancy, will they cancel my allotment or give time for clarification… If going to ssc office need to be done urgently, I will do it

    • dono main same hi hai … lekin postal main ek issue chal raha hai SAS exam ko lekar agar woh sort out ho gaya toh cga se kafi better ho jayenge promotion postal main

  9. sir preference for jr accnt Dept of Telecommunications has been asked for cgl 13 , do u know how many candidates has been reallocated Dept of telecommunication from cga auditor in the final list of jr accnt for dept of telecommunicaton , as in one of ur p says:

    Sir preference for jr accnt Dept of Telecommunications has been asked for cgl 13 , do u know how many candidates has been reallocated Dept of telecommunication from cga auditor in the final list of jr accnt for dept of telecommunicaton , as in one of ur previous news there were 8 candidates from central region, were there frm other r

  10. sir preference for jr accnt Dept of Telecommunications has been asked for cgl 13 , do u know how many candidates has been reallocated Dept of telecommunication from cga auditor in the final list of jr accnt for dept of telecommunicaton , as in one of ur previous notification there were 8 candidates from central region , were there from other regions too?

    • as far info we have 9 candidates have been allotted – this department from cga auditor …. rest let the final list comes on dot website

  11. Sir is it true that 7 pay commision recomends that post of accountant should be merge with sr. Accountant. Mean to say that accountant 2800 grde pay to sr accountant 4200 grade pay..
    Comment please….

    • shift kar sakte ho …….. deputation pe kisi bhi dept main ja sakte ho like army , other ministries , income tax etc kahi bhi jaha deputation pe vacancies hui ….

      bina deputation sirf postal and telecom main full life

  12. Sir any news about assistant in other ministry 4200 grade pay,,how much time it will take in allotment of department,,, and joining???

  13. I want to know Ki state preference kab lenge jr acc postal me
    Meri rank aapki xls seet ke anusar 9 h OBC me Jaipur mil jaye gi kya.
    Unhone muje postal hi q Diya ?

    • most probable dec end main lenge ….. ye kyu diya iska jwab ahi ssc ki marji ….. kyoki aaj tak kisi ne unke is tarike k kilaf avaj nahi utai isliye woh aisa kar rahe hai …. aap avaj utana chao toh utha sakte ho … court main chale jao ….

      main 100% assure karta hu k ssc ko apne is tarike ko bhi band karna padega aur allocation bhi dubara karni padegi …. choice is urs … otherwise be happy with what u have ….

      • Samaj me nahi aata Ki ek sadi suda admi apni gahsthi chalye ya is nirnkus system se lare…..
        Bat bat me court Jana parta h….

        Thanks for ur info

        • bhai ab jo hai dekho woh hai ….. ham toh sirf rasta bta sakte the ……. aur ladne se darna nahi chaiye kabhi agar man ho toh bilkul ladna chaiye …….. court main bhi admi hi baithe hai n woh samjte hia k kya justice hai n kya injustice ….. agar sab india wale sirf 1 -1 matter pe bhi lade n usse thik karwa de toh socho hum kaha se kaha pauch jayenge …. par anyhow ye sab hypothetical ho jayega …. best wishes to u ….

    • Accountant Auditor dono ek hi jaisi post hai ….. aur accountant better hai mere view se kam se kam filed job main dakke toh nahi khane padte ….

  14. sir agr koi postal main jr acc 2800 lgta h to after clearing sas exam uska transfer hota rhta h kya AAO N AO banane k bad…..
    if koi SAS exam nhi de to what will b promotion means uska grd pay kitne tym bad change hota rhta h….

  15. Sir I have got 430 marks in cgl 2015, i filled cga on top in non interview, the one question that i now have is, how frequent are transfers in postal and telecom?

  16. hi sir, thank you for such enlightening post.
    i got auditor in c.a.g in the recently declared results. i got 118th position in my category (sc), there are 225 seats overall. do you think i may get my posting in Delhi?
    please do reply. thank you.

  17. Sir,
    Generally how much time it will take for joining of Accountant after result deceleration as I have to resign in my current organization and I need to server notice period of 2 months?

    Thanks in Advance

  18. sir, how long it takes time from CAG rail DEO to commercial assistant audit officer? after clearing all the paper in SAS exam my husband did not yet get any letter regarding his joining. The result is published in 20th may 2016.

    thanking you.

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