Seventh Pay Commission Likely To See Pay Hikes By 40% – Media Source

The central government employee will earn up to 40% more if the government accepts the Seventh Pay commission’s proposals, which will be submitted shortly.
 This pay hike would affect the lives of over 48 lakh central government employees and 55 lakh pensioners and could trigger off similar pay hike across state governments as well.
But interestingly when the Media ( SEN TIMES ) spoke to government employees they were not really happy, essentially perhaps because effectively if you take the DA out, it is not really a hefty bonanza as many thought it would be.
Also, given the price rise and inflation issues, most people are saying it is really not that sufficient. Most of these recommendations will be implemented.
But the point is, if the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has a problem with any of the observations or with the impact of the Pay Commission recommendations, he might even send this back to the Pay Commission for another round of iteration.
In that case, some amendments will be made that come back to the Finance Ministry and then it may go back to the Cabinet for approval. If that happens, it could delay the process by about 1-2 more months.

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