SSC CGL – 2014 – Timeline for joining of various posts

(( Edit : –  This was posted approx 1 year back . all the user might have joined …. info was approx based on last year records , Same way CGL 2015 joining going to happen))


Same way


As the result of SSC CGL Exam 2014 is out we are sharing with the basic timeline of joining for various posts as per assumptions from their past track record  : –

Assistant in CSS  : – Joining starts from 2nd Nov 2015 in batches.

IB : – Expected joining around March 2016.

Accountant in CGA  : – Ministry/Zone allocation done .  CGA is a set of ministries  so for low rank ministries joining will start from Dec 2015 itself and for high risk ministry like MHA , IB etc – joining will be around March – April 2016.

Excise Inspector / Preventive Officer / Examiner  / TA – CBEC :- State Preference Done … State Allocation List will be out in or before Mid December – Joining will start around Feb 2016

Income Tax Inspector / TA – Income Tax : – State Preference Done … State Allocation List will be out in or before Mid December – Joining will start around Feb 2016.

Railway : – Joining will be around or after March 2016.

External Affairs : – Joining will be around or after March 2016.

Other Ministries : – Totally depends on ministries

Assistant Enforcement Officer : – Joining will be around or after Feb 2016.

Sub Inspector CBI: – Training will start from April 2016 or later ( 2013 batch started training in Oct 2015 )

NIA : – NO Idea

Divisional Accountant / Auditor / Accountant IN CAG : State Pref Done – Joining will be around or after March 2016.

Narcotics : – Joining will be around Jan 2016 or at max Feb 2016

Keep following us for latest update to your joining.


348 thoughts on “SSC CGL – 2014 – Timeline for joining of various posts

  1. Sir I m again asking for Divisonal Accountant post as i am preaparing for SSC CGL 2015 and i want posting in my home distric i.e. Jind in Haryana Where from i can get information regarding the state wise break up of divisonal accountant post. How many marks are required for this.

    • WE have filed RTI in CAG . If u want u can also file RTI in CAG for State wise break up of Vacancies for 2015 . Cag is the only source for this info. You need to be among top 400 of the country to get a seat of CAG – Haryana.

  2. please tell expected joining date of Inspector of Post in Department of Post….and if possible please give details of job profile of this post

    • Inspector of postal for 2013 batch have yet not joined and even they have no idea that when there joining will come. …

      So u can imagine about 2014 batch ….

      And we have asked many candidates to write up a summary for postal inspector job . Let anyone reply we will post here…

  3. Admin sir me Rajasthan we hu or accountant cga and others me select hua hu meri rank 978 he isme 402.50 mere no. He to muje konsa state Milne ke 100% chances he ….thnx in advance boaa

  4. Sir is it necessary to provide relieving letter from previous private company at the time of joining of ssc job . Coz its hard to get relieving letter . Reply sir

    • Railways usually takes time …. 2013 was an exception.
      we are not sure about others but 1 candidates from 2013 batch have not yet got joining letter till today ( He belongs to OBC and we confirmed from him today )

  5. Admin, Assistant (other ministries GP 4200) me Other ministries kon kon si aati h?? I mean is delhi posting sure? And Joining kab tak aane ke chance h?

    • The ministries name which we were aware we have already written in a post on our site. Maximum chances are for delhi only.

      And joining depends on the ministry

      • I have searched ur whole site but couldn’t find the other ministries details for GP 4200.
        Sorry to bother u but can u plz send me the link… I have no idea abt this.

        • 1.NARCOTICS CONTROL BUREAU Assistant – 4


          3 I M/O External Affairs( Central Passport Office ) Assistant – 92

          4 I INDIAN COAST GUARD Assistant – 6


          This is the only info we have for 4200 for the time being

    • ek bar ssc allocation list dal de apni site pe and dossier bej de cga main .. toh cga wale 1 mahine main allocation kar denge and apko bta denge k konsa department mila hai

    • police verification toh sabme hi hoti hai and rahi bat form fill karne ki toh woh registration karwate hia training k liye ISTM ki website pe …. apko jald hi pta chgal jayega

  6. I am accountant from 2013 batch and joined office recently. Will we have to undergo medical and police verification
    before joining excise inspector.

  7. hello sir… mujhe CGA & others me accountant mila h through cgl 2014…. my overall CGA Rank iz 1067 & cat. rank is 86 as per your list… what r the chances for getting a Delhi posting??

  8. adm sir ssc ka jo marks aaya h usme rej module 3 me name and roll no. likha huaa h to kya is se meri candidature cancel ho jayega ki sirf css k post k liye cancel hoga waise mujhe exci.inspe. mila h………………………plz adm sir must reply……

  9. STAFF SELECTION COMMISSION [SSC] – Department of personnel & training – [] is good,have a look at it!

  10. Sir, what are the possible joining locations for assistant in ministry of railways? Is it like CSS i.e., Delhi only or some other state and what are the chances of delhi?? Is this a transferrablw job?

  11. hi admin…. few queries
    1). I got assistant Intelligence bureau …. is it a desk job or field job …
    actually i want to prepare for civil service simultaneously…..will this job give me enough time for preparation …
    2). will i get ranchi or delhi posting …AIR 370

  12. Admin bhai pls provide the breakup of available seats for various states….for accountant in postal …..joining Feb ke pehle ane ke kuch chances hai kya……

    • abhi tak vacancies ka koi jwab nahi aaya bhia ….. ha sayad feb march tak ho jae agar sab thik raha last year telecom walo ka process abhi tak start bhi nahi hua even after 6 months while cga walo ne mostly ne join kar liya … n u know postal n telecom same thing … best of luck

  13. Hello admin
    I want to know about the after result process of cbi si, do the selected candidates have to fill some online preference forms or as such like for Css or da etc. I would really appreciate if you reply me on this issue.

  14. Hello sir,
    Selected as UDC in central govt offices/ min. Other than Cscs cadre. Kya aap bata sakte hain ki posting kaha hoti hai aur aage ke process ke baare main kon sa link use karna padega matlab biodata form aur medical related forms.

  15. Hello sir,
    Selected as UDC (post code- Y thru SSC Cgl 2014 exam) in central govt offices/ min. Other than Cscs cadre. Kya aap bata sakte hain ki posting kaha hoti hai aur aage ke process ke baare main kon sa link use karna padega matlab biodata form aur medical related forms.

  16. Hi Sir, I got accountant in CGA with rank 93 in cgl 14. And most probably I would be getting Delhi. So, is there any possibility of getting mutual transfer to guwahati?

        • post ur requirement on every mutual transfer page of all websites …. facebook … whats up group … m sure u will find someone soon …. post it on mutual transfer page of this website if u have not posted yt

      • What do uh mean find someone
        Is thr any provision of murual changing
        I have been selected as cag auditor and i got bhubaneshwar
        If i get a guy who wants t join bhubaneshwar and he got delhi can v exchange each other???
        If yes then before joining or after dat???

          • jin 2-3 bachi ko main janta hu udc 2013 ki abhi tak joining nahi hui ….. baki it depends on ministry to ministry …. but all the joining for ssc 2013 will be completed at max by Dec 2015 …

            udc 2014 will take time as 2013 is not done yet

        • sir, 2014 ke railway assitant ki attestation kab tak aegi aur attestation se joining kab tak hogi. abhi should i take SBI job for the time being.

          • admin sir, sbi wale keh rahe the ki 3 mahine ka notice dena padega bas…..ab since i would get railway joining not before jan-feb i am thinking ki jan me bhi notice dia to they will relieve in march…there is no bond in sbi but will railway give me some time to bring the complete relieving letter?

          • kk thank you sir…sir waise is it good decision to continue civils prep for somemonth laongwith SBI job.
            thank you anyways for all effort on this site.

          • dear sir,
            30 nov se sbi join karwa rhi hai. 3 mahine ke notice ka pravdhan hai. so lagbhag kab ak resign ki request dal du…given that ki march tak railway ki oining a jaegi. Sir personally please suggest would it be advisable to study alongwith SBI training….would i get enough time?
            thanks in advance

          • sir namaste,
            i am getting a bit scary about joining SBI PO training. My basic aim is to earn some money but get some good time to maximise my prep during training. i was planning to prepare in sBI training then leave it after march and shift to SSC. but in all this i am fearing whether sbi will compromise my studies.
            Sir actually lot of people are scarring about kind of hectic schedule at SBI. wll it be also in training?
            i donot want ot compromise my studies.
            i believe you but some fears are there so writing again on the issue.
            sir if you can ask some senior who is in SBI, i would be grateful. please suggest sir

          • See when u don’t wanna build a career in SBI. No matter how demanding the work is , u just complete your shift and do not sit for late , what max they can do is they will spoil your performance report. Let them do.

            U join SBI . Follow office time and work in office time and after that leave sinc. and focus on your studies. You will get ample time to study . no need to worry

          • hi sir,
            some of my friends are saying that asst in CSS in much better job sir for civils. assistant in railways is not good for prep. is it true sir?
            they say that lot of transfer and no rail bhawan is given. is it true sir?
            will i get enough time in asst in railway sir
            thank in advance sir

  17. Sir I am selected as auditor in c&ag dept. …joining kb tk aaegi..or location kha mil sakti h..rank is 384 in non interview ppst

  18. my rank is 1170 in EXCISE and all India rank is 3500 general category. I gave Kolkata as my first choice . what are chances to get my first choice.

  19. Sir ssc chsl mai cag department k liye state allocation hota haa kya
    Agr hota hai to hme kase apata chalega or kitna time lag jata ha completely
    Thank u

  20. sir,
    have u any updated news regarding joining of Asst. in IB (2013 batch)?
    how much time would be taken for joining of IB ( 2014 Batch)? any idea sir

  21. Sir is transfers are made in department of post for the post of jr accountant. And also tell me when Will be joining of the same(cgl 14)

    • mutual transfers …. post ur requirement in the top mentioned link for mutual transfer ….. otherwise transfer on promotion or special permission ….. it will take time say another 2-3 months to start

  22. cbdt state preference this time came out quite early..(1 month instead of 2 months) u think the joining process will be a bit faster than before…(if so till when)

  23. sir, kyu aapne recent five post and monthly post link ko hata diya, that was very help ful in searching, please resume that.

  24. Sir, I have been selected through SSC-CGL 2014 finally as junior accountant in CGA as per allocation published for “X” category on 14th october, 2015. Around when we will get our ministries? & approx how much time will it take for joining??

  25. Sir…whether I should wait for provision of state-wise breakup of Divisional Accountant vacancies before exercising my choices for state. In other words by when such detail would be provided on the CAG/ your site.
    What are chances of getting MP for rank 85 in Divisional Acct

  26. Hello sir…i have been selected for assistant in other ministries(4200 gp)…is thr any update for ministry allocation or joining for dis post.
    Plz do rply….

  27. Hi.admin what happen when someone fill the attestation form wrong bymistecally.can department cancell the they cheak the (date of entering and date of living of collegr)?

    • candidature should not be cancelled . but u should immediately inform the department about this . otherwise in worst case , u may be charged for 420.. i repeat for worst case , normally it does not happens … so go get it correct asap basis

  28. hello sir,i am from gwalior, got 423.50 marks in ssc cgl 2014 and got cga accountant, sir is there any seat in gwalior for cga accountant? and what about my chances of getting it? if not what is the posibility of bhopal or delhi? reply….. thanks

  29. Hello sir
    I am working in a PSU bank as a PO in home state
    i want to get selected in CAG Divisional accountant in Gujarat in SC category cgl 2016
    For this to happen how much should the safe final score be after tier i and ii considering interviews won’t happen
    I know it depends on a lot of things like vacancy, pref.etc. but can you give a rough estimate based on your observation of past year trends as you must be aware about different states including gujarat
    Statewise cut offs not available so asking.

    If possible also include Inspector CBEC and Inspector IT for gujarat and guide whether they are better to get home state than DA

    have there been years where there has been no vacancies in gujarat for DA in past

    kind request for early reply and
    apologies for long post and thanks in advance.

    • 1.) U are bank po – a king of administrative post … so u should know no score is safe score until we see the question paper….. however if everything is of as same level as last year …. u need 460+

      2) if home state is gujrat then it inspector is much better post …. u can not imagine what life u will enjoy after becoming ito ….

      3.) yes it can be .. i do not have any data but it is fairly possible ….

  30. Thanks sir, than to would u please let me know abt the vaccancies of cga accountant in cgl 2014 at gwalior, nd my chanches of getting it with 423.50 marks in cgl-2014

    • kya karna kya hai nomination ka ?? …. dossiers jaha pauchne the pauch gaye ….. ab woh list upload ho na ho … fayda kya hai uska …. relax raho apka department apko contact kar lega

  31. Sir
    Cga accountant in cbdt Ki joining kab tak ho kab tak excepted ha allocation ka baad next process kaya ha pvr kab tak hona la chance ha

  32. Dear Admin, can u please tell about Ministry of Shipping , Road Transport and Highways. How much time this ministry will take for pvr and joining process?

  33. sir, i hv been selected in min. of railways from ssc cgl 2014 but i hv also appeared in ssc cgl 2015.. if i join railways and after declaration of result..i would like to join a better dept through ssc cgl 2015, if i get..

    will there be any problem if i resign from railways within a year and join some othe dept.. or shud i not join railways and wait fr joining from sssc cgl 2015 ,if i get sumthing better than railways..
    i hope u hv understood my query..

    • bina kisi doubt k chup chap railways join kar lena bhai …. kya gurantee hai k cgl 2015 main better milegi …. aur agar mil jare toh resign kar dena koi issue nahi hoga but 2014 ki job na chodna chae koi kuch bhi kahe

  34. Hello SIr,

    The nomination for TAX assistants in CBEC have been done and also the state wise preference form submitted to them..When can we expect the joining for TA in CBEC.

  35. Hello sir excise inspector ki zone allocation kab tak ho sakti hai. And after allocation pahle physical test hota hai ya medical test.

  36. Kuljeet medical n physical same time hoga. Zone allocation k bad respective zone se call latter aayega for medical n physical test .

  37. Sir, out of the 13 candidates allotted commerce and textiles, there are only 2 candidates from nwr Chandigarh including me and my rank is better than that candidate then according to you what are my chances of getting Chandigarh. Is there any vacancy of commerce and textiles in Chandigarh? If not then where I will be posted? Please throw some light on this question.

  38. Sir,
    cbec hv extended spf deadline further. that means they are going to take another month or more to come up with final alloction.

  39. just now cbec is asking for software. thats means allocation will hv to wait till softwere deployment. wait for another 45 days..

  40. Sir my rank in cag auditor is 916 out of 1500 approx posts.. in cgl 2014.
    What is the probable chance of getting which state. .
    however I desire delhi or haryana.

  41. Sir ven state will be allocated for da 2014. . N wat is the maximum time limit for joining process.. n minimum too.
    Pls rply

    • depends karta hai woh 1st to 5th city konsi hai delhi hai ya nagaland main koi city hai …. baki agar achi city hai toh na hi samjo

  42. sir I have been selected for the post of accountant/jr. acc. in CGA from eastern region in cgl 2014 but have not received any mail or email.what should I do ? when the further process will be start ?

  43. Sir central govt job ko resign karne ki koi minimum time limit hai ? Like 1or 2 year agar kisi aur central govt job me join karne ke liye resign kare to permission mil jati hai ya koi noc etc lena padta hai? Plz reply

    • koi limit nahi hoti but still agar 1-2 mahine main hi resign karna hai toh behter yahi hoga k dept ko joining k time hi bta do n matter clear kar lo pehle hi …..

  44. Sir do you have info about the hyderabad high court order? Will it effect the selected cgl 14 people and how will the other ppl be adjusted
    Sir plz reply

    • no cgl 14 will not affected as 14 people have already joined ( CSS , CGA etc dept ) … they will either adjusted against 2015 or 2016 cgl seats

  45. Sir I want to be inspector of income tax in cgl 2016 and want to be posted at Kolkata.How much score I should obtain in tier 1 and tier 2 to get posting in Kolkata.If you have any idea pls tell me.

  46. sir mera selection ssc cgl 2014 me cag auditor post pr hua hai. mai currently allahabad bank me as a clerk work kr rha hnoo. lekin maine ssc app form me apne bank job ko nhi dikhaya hai. kyuki us time mai bank me kam nhi kr rha tha. to sir mujhe cag me joining ke time resign letter dikhana chahiye ki nhi. kyuki yha pe mera nps bhi kat rha hai. to mai wha joining karunga to yhi nps continue ho jayega. tb bhi unko pta chal jayega ki mai bank me job kr rha tha.

    aur sir joining kb tak aa jayegi.. kyuki bank me 3 months ka notice period bhi hai. to sir mujhe kb tak resign dena chahiye.. sir pls suggest me… thanx in advance

  47. Hi Admin, Do you have any idea how long it will take to get appointment letter for UDC (SSC CGL 2014) for Ministry of External Affairs?

  48. hi admin sir
    inspector of post ki state allotment list kab tak aajayegi any idea and expected joining date pls tell me

  49. Dear Admin,
    I got selected in ssc cgl 2014 in CGA and got MHA. My rank in cga list is 202. Do I have any chance of getting Delhi”

  50. Hello sir mer Cag Auditor mein cgl 2013 mein selection huwa tha aur state allocate huwa hai West Bengal PAG .Mera ab tak police verification nahi huwa hai .kitna time lagta hai pls bataiyeh

    • worst dept main joining dene main bahi ye …. bahut sare bache hai 2013 k jinki ab tak joining nahi hui … main bhi kitni santawna du unhe …. koi comment nahi kar sakta uske bare main …. best wishes for early joining

  51. Around what time will state allocations be done for excise inspectors? It is already Jan end and almost Feb. I am expecting hyd zone, what is the speed of allocation of hyd zone? Please tell admin

    • no exact info on state allocation now ….. so no comments on this …. Hyderabad zone is ok … decent time lenge joining main jyada delay nahi karenge

  52. Sir how log it will take for zone allocation of ta in ec 2014 batch and after joining how much time for joining letter? Plz reply eagerly waiting for it

  53. sir…i got selected as auditor in ssc cgl 14 in allahabad….i want mutual transfer with candidate from delhi and chandigarh…if anyone contact you for this through this plz contact me at 09717146241…any candidate who wants mutual transfer contact me

  54. I am selected as Auditor in c&ag in PDA Central Railway MumbaiI want to be in Uttar Pradesh,Uttarakhand,Bihar,Delhi,Madhya Pradesh. If anyone wants to interchange the office with me then please contact with me@9125596259please

  55. I have got Asstt. in IB in 2014 CGL.

    Till when can I expect the join
    Is there any training period initially?
    Would be able to take holidays around UPSC Mains 2016 for 2 months minimum?

  56. sir,
    ssc cgl 2016 is my 1st competitive exam. i joined coaching center i delhi.
    i just wanted to know that
    i want my posting in jharkhand(ER) or chhattigarh(MPR) only.
    as i taking coaching in delhi ,should i opt examination center delhi or ER/MPR for posting on these state only?
    thanks in advance….:)

    • Examination centre khi bhi dalo usse frk ni pdta n in states me posting mil jaegi iski koi guarntee ni bs itna h ache marks lao so dt tumhri prefrence hi mile tumhe

  57. sir how will i be informed of my job call or for the medical test for inspector income tax… i got in the ner region… but i cant get to any specific site for this region… a little confused… help…

  58. Sir plz update me regarding the number of attempts in aso at css. It has been given somewhere that they are in 3 number…bt it is not mentioned in notice.

  59. I am in the non-interview list of ssc cgle 2015 and attended document verification. My address which I gave at the time of application was changed. How to update this with SSC? Kindly suggest, final joining letters will be only hard copies I think, then I will be in trouble getting it.

  60. Sir plz update me regarding the number of attempts in aso at css. It has been given somewhere that they are in 3 number…bt it is not mentioned in notice.

      • Thanku so much admin
        Please give me any idea regarding the medical of tax assistant cbec in Vadodara.
        Medical will be in our home city or it will be held there only

  61. Hii friends I am Rajib, I have been selected as an auditor in PAG(AUDIT) by CGL 2014 and posted in GANGTOK, SIKKIM now I want mutual transfer in WB, Jhrkhnd, Bihar if any one interested plz contact me mob. 8436230136

  62. Hi sir,
    Mera cgl 2014 me auditor in cga me selection hua hai.. kya uske liye state preference bharni pdti..aur joining kb tk hogi.

  63. MP DA 2014
    I got a mail from the CAG office asking for scanned copies of address proofs etc…and some more details.
    I want to know what is the next step? I am confused…

  64. Sir, I got selected as Assistant in Intelligence Bureau of SSC CGL 2015-16 Exam. When can I expect joining and what are the formalities in joining??

  65. sir plz bataye excise inspector cgl 2015 ka allocation & joining kab tak hoga. if some one is selected for the same. Plz contact me to make a group at mb. 9981565648

  66. Hello
    I want to know about the recruitment process of Indian postal inspector 2015. I qualified that exam and listed my name in the list.but till now i don’t get the any kind of joining letter.
    So please give me an update on that if possible.

  67. HELLO
    I’m writing this to inquiring about the GDS recruitment 2017 .
    When did they announce the release of results of all states in india.
    Or why they are not informing us when the exam or results will be declared

  68. hello sir,
    i’m an accountant in cga under Ministry of urban development selected in cgl-2014 currently posted in delhi,, and want transfer in jaipur,,, on medical ground.. and i applied for transfer with self represented application.. but they are taking no interest in my application.. so it is my humbel request to you that, if there is any mutual transfer is possible please tell me as early as possible,,, actually they say that, there is no vacancy in jaipur of accountant .. my contact no. is 8426026298 plz do early as possible.

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