All about CGA & Others Accountant – SSC CGL Exam 2014

As the result has been released recently , students are asking about queries for CGA & Others Accountant Post .

Here is the detail : –

SSC recruit Accountant for CGA & Othres : –

CGA : – comptroller general of accounts

Others : – it include 2 department : – 1. Dept of Telecom 2. Dept of Post.

This year Dept of Post vacancies are there with CGA.

Allocation will be done on the basis – Merit List –  first to CGA , 2nd to Postal and this goes one.

Now CGA : – It is the basic account agency of India. You are recruited at the post of Accountant at 2800 Grade pay.

First promotion after 3 year : – 4200 Grade Pay

2nd AAO – 4800 ( Gazatted ) – U need to clear SAS Exam for that.

AO – 5400

and after that u enter in Indian Audit & Accounts Services.

Throughout your life u will serve for various ministries. Very less workload , good promotion , better life

The Ministries that comes in CGA are : –

Ministry of Health

HRD Ministry

Ministry of IT

Ministry of External Affairs

Ministry of Road

in Short – all ministries in India

Even you may get posting in PMO , CBI , IB etc as Accountant.

the best part is most of the vacancies are in Delhi only ( More than 75% ).

Current in hand salary for CGA Accountant in Delhi is : – 29200 ( Gross 34000 )

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137 thoughts on “All about CGA & Others Accountant – SSC CGL Exam 2014

  1. In auditor posts one get chance to appear for sas exam after 2 year.
    does accountant after 2 years can sit for sas exam.if anyone has information.

  2. i want to ask the same thing . whetjher cga accountanats get to sit in SAS exam after two years . please please reply. and if possible please publish the rank list for this post

  3. hi admin i have got 46th rank among accountant in cga and others , what are my chances of getting delhi ?? also it will be helpful if you can tell whether cga will ask us for our preferences regarding ministries and states or they will randomly allot us both.

    • You will get Delhi most probably . Chances are there that u will get good good ministry like Ministry of External Affairs .

      No CGA never ask for State preference from the candidates . It follow a simple rule … Jisne jaha se paper diya usse wahi zone allot kar do …. simple …..

    • Chances are very less for Delhi . U should have opted CGA Accountant if Delhi was ur Main Concern.

      Work Profile of Accountant is Bill Passing , Salary Statement , Pension Issues , etc.

  4. Sir mujhe cga mila code x h…mene delhi se paper diya tha…mere 405.25 marks h obc cat se..obc ki cutoff 402.25gai h..mujhe delhi mil sakta h kya?

  5. Do low rankers get postal department………my rank is 461 ur……….n there are 680 seats in general…..i want delhi only…….as i have got cag auditor thru cgl13…….is it advisable to leave cag for cga

    • Low rankers will get CGA ……. Here the loss is to the Even rankers upto 100 . Only they will get POstal … will update soon the list .

  6. hi admin as you said that only even rankers till top 100 get postal dept. my rank is 46th in cga nd others does that mean that i will get postal deptt. for sure? and is this deptt. bad as compared to cga, plz throw some light on it.

    • yes as per last year records … postal is sure ……

      Will update soon about the job profile and department …. check us later……..

  7. My rank is 567(general) as cga acct. & I appeared in mains from Jaipur(Rajasthan). May I get Delhi or Rajasthan, & if not possibility of some nearby states

    • see in my yesterday’s post that u get cga or what . If u had got cga they will allot you

      1.) Jaipur – if vacancy
      2.) Delhi – sure

      • Acc. to list I got cga
        ok thanks
        have you any idea about joining of cga acct. 2013
        means joining process done or pending

        • Nomination is not yet done . Once they will receive your dossier , they will try for as fast as possible because they have pressure from DOPT for some ministries .

          • ok
            I am asking about cgl 2013 selected students as cga accountant
            have they got their posting or still in process
            as their nomination already done on 12/may/2015

          • Most of them have gor the joining. One of our friend gets his joining in the first week of june only. However for ministries like MHA joining is yet to come.

    • chances are there that u might get Delhi but totally depends on vacancies in Delhi by Postal . We have filed rti for vacancy and will let u know when we will get the reply.

        • If u want to earn extra money …. TA CBDT is better ……
          If u want to get social recognition ….. TA CBDT is better …….

          If u want to become Gazetted officer in 3-4 years …… CGA Postal is better …

          You decide what u want …… Although I would prefer 2800 Grade ( CGA ) Pay over 2400 Grade Pay ( TA ) …. and also chances are there that CGA Accountant might become 4200 grade pay after 7th cpc.

    • haha … champ .. they will allot ministry randomly … so there is no point asking which is best because u can never be sure that which one u will get ..

      Moreover for an accountant all are same except MEA.

  8. Admin sir,
    I got 403 marks and the cut off for CGA accountant is 402.25. And I wrote exam in Hyderabad.. What is the probability that I will get andhra Pradesh or telangana.. And which department.. Plz guide
    . thanks in advance

  9. Sir, I have been selected through SSC-CGL 2014 finally as junior accountant in CGA as per allocation published for “X” category on 14th october, 2015. Around when we will get our ministries? & approx how much time will it take for joining??

  10. Sir, my rank as junior accountant in CGA is 439 among general category & I appeared for Tier 2 from kolkata and my home town is also kolkata. What are my chances of getting posted at kolkata?

  11. Sir, my rank as junior accountant in CGA is 439 among general category & I had appeared for Tier 2 from kolkata and my home town is also kolkata. What are my chances of getting posted at kolkata?

  12. Hello,
    People are saying some issue regarding SAS exam is going on in deppt of telecommunication and post? So is SAS exam not held currently in these deppt? Kindly throw some light on the issue.. Thankyou

    • abhi nahi ho raha but next year se hoga ……. exam k liye layout ban raha tha pichle 3-4 sal se isi liye nahi hua 2009 main hua tha last

  13. Sir
    I am working as AO in general insurance Psu
    Now I have got accountant in cga
    I am confident that I can clear sas exam in one go
    Is the post of aao in cga powerful? With real influence? Are there chances of earning extra money?
    Should I leave my current job for cga?
    Please advise.

    • 0 power 0 influence 0 extra money ( I feel ashamed youth of india is how desperate for extra money and then complaint that why we are not growing )

      • The reply to that is also a reflection on the salary offered for an intellect that qualified amongst this humoungous competition cracking such difficult examinations to achieve such a crappy job.
        i am not one to complain but i can say from experience from my current job tat we the new kids jiniki umar buddhon ki naukri se kam hai work equavelent to four of the said buddhas for less than one third of their salary

        • haha ….. mere desh k newly born kid …. bat apki 100% thik hia but remember 1 thing k agar pay equivalent to ur work is what u want then u must try in private sector …. there are a lot of mnc who would offer u salary almost 5-6 times to govt sector or even more…..

          Once again people there too compliant that they get less as compared to their work done but still it will be on higher end as compared to govt sector ( Obviously , if u have skills , then only )

  14. Can you please tell me about the tentative nomination schedule of Central Region for Department of Post. And what are the remaining procedures?
    Thanks in advance.

  15. Hi Admin,
    I gave exam from Gujarat and was allocated Accountant in CGA & others first and subsequently Postal dept under SC quota. Now as the luck would have it, Gujarat has no vacancies at all and the nearest postal offices with openings in western region are Bhopal and Nagpur and both are very far away from Ahmedabad.
    Now I want to know if I can expect housing facilities from the department if allocated such a region and how many years does it take in general for an accountant to get a transfer to his home state? and finally when should we expect the joining? Thanks in advance.

    • housing mil jata hai normally …. issue sirf delhi – mumbai type cities main hota hia … joininig main lagenge abhi 3-4 mahine …… home state mil jayega after spending 3-4 year in department

    • Can you tell me one thing? How do u came to know about vacancies in a particular post in a particular state? Actually I have been selected as junior accountant in CGA and I have appeared the mains from Eastern Region Kolkata. My home town is also Kolkata. I really want to know about vacancies in Kolkata as i wish to be posted here.

  16. Are their field visits for cga accountants? And in CAG , during field visits, are the auditors accompanied by the accountants ? I haven’t scored much , and vacancies are fewer too, so I am looking for CAG accountant to be on the safer side.

      • Thanks a lot sir,
        i was under the impression that CAG accountants, unlike CGA, had field visits just like the auditors.
        I had very little information about these posts and my preference order in the form is completely out of whack! Thanks to your site, i am much better informed now, I only hope they give me a chance to rearrange the codes for preference! Fingers crossed !

  17. I hv got Acc. cga in MHA at kolkata. Plz tell me about the Ministry. Is there any chance of getting transferred to other region once I get promoted to Sr. Acc…
    Reply plz

  18. Dear sir. ..
    mera mark 403.75 hai….cga accountant ka cut off 402.25 hai …
    Mujhe ministry of home affairs allot hua hai…
    Maine exam allahabad se diya hai. …
    Meri posting kaha hone ki sambhawana hai. .

  19. Sir, mujhe cga accountant in ministry of urban development mila hai eastern region se..aur eastern region se sirf 5 logo ko is ministry me chuna gaya hai, jinme mera rank 3rd, if there any possibility that I get posted in Kolkata?..if not then where can I expect?..and when can we expect joining ?

  20. Sir, I have been allocated in “Urban Development” department as Accountant or Junior accountant in CGA and I am from Eastern Region. When can I expect my joining letter?

  21. Mere 402.5 marks hai accountant in cga me, cut off 402.25 par thi, mujhe MINES mila hai, exam bhi Delhi se Diya tha, Kya meri posting Delhi to sakti hai, reply plazzz……

  22. The Ministry allocation published in in november shows my allocated Ministry as Home affairs and region as Eastern region (kolkata). Is it state allocation? Does that mean I hv got posting at kolkata???
    Sir, plz reply…m

  23. Admn. Sir, please tell me something in my case:- I have been selected Accountant/Jr. Accountant in MHA ministry of home affairs in SSC CGL 2014. I am the 5th (among 7 OBC Candidate in bihar), 17th ( among 22 OBC Candidat. in CR (UP & Bihar) region, and 61st among 86 total OBC candidate who have been selected as Accountant/Jr. Accountant in Ministry of home affairs. what is the probability of getting posting in bihar or nearby.

  24. sir aao banne k liye jo departmental exam hota hai…uska level kaisa rehta hai…generally pass kar jate hai ya tough hoga ?

  25. guys may be y stupid question h bt can somone tell me ki jo MHA accountant k offer letter m character certificate hota h, use sign to DM ya SDM se krana hota h but countersign kisse krana h

  26. hello. ..friends kisi ka cga accountant in MHA 2014 ka joining letter aaya?
    Please reply. …….
    Thanks in advance. …

  27. do we need to send the character certificate, identity certificate, medical certificate etc within 21 days to the concerned dept or should we just send the acceptance letter within 21days??

  28. sir , any suggestion for 2015 candidates , now that there is no hope for 4200 grade pay for auditors and accountants, promotion time is 6 years and there will be direct recruitment to sr. auditor/acct . does that make tax assistant a better option ?

  29. Sir,
    I got 409.50 in ssc cgl 2015. I am in OBC category. Any chance of getting me CGA Junior Accoutant in Delhi?

  30. sir from cgl 14 i got accountant in mha (CGA). before they show allocation at allahabad . now they gave me a guwahati/shillong/agartala . m from central region. what i do..???

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