Extra Allowance and Advances of Central Government Employees

Following mentioned are most of the extra allowances and Advances for central Government Employees that depends on condition of employee and job nature. These will also increase after 7th cpc  : –

Name of Allowance Allowance
Children Education Assistance 1500
Child Care Allowance(child is till 2 years old) 1500
Hill Area Allowance (Composite HCA) 900/720
Bad Climate Allowance 600/360
Special Compensatory (Remote Locality) Allowance 3900/3125/2250/600
Cycle Maintenance Allowance 90
Rates of Fixed Conveyance Allowance under SR-25 (Motor Car) 1680/2520/3105/3645/4500
Rates of Fixed Conveyance Allowance under SR-25 (Other modes) 560/720/960/1130/1280
Split Duty Allowance 300
Cash Handling Allowance 900/750/600/450/230
Desk Allowance 900
National Holiday Allowance 256/318/420
Breakdown Allowance 120/180/240/300
Special Allowance for Engg.Gateman 450
Conveyance Allowance 556/720/960/1126/1276/1680/2520/2980/3646/4500
Nursing Uniform Allowance 9000
Nursing Allowance 4800
Washing Allowance(Nursing Staff) 450
Hospital Care Allowance 2100
Patient Care Allowance 2086
Project Allowance 2250/1500
Compensatory Allowance Construction 2250
Compensatory Allowance Survey 1500
Washing Allowance 90
Postgraduate Allowance 1500
Annual Allowance (For Doctors) 900
Hostel Subsidy 4500
Name of Advance Advances
Natural Calamity Advance 7500
Festival Advance 4500
Warm Clothing Advance 4500
Bicycle Advance 4500
Food Advance 4500

These exclude military pay benefits to Armed forces personnel + any other special allowance to any specific department.

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  1. Sir one personal advise ..Which one will be better Excise inspector in Chennai or AO in Insurance in Delhi .. for North Indian..

    • That depends on you agar North main rehna hai toh AO …. agar location matter nahi karti toh Excise Inspector ……. Agar main tumari jagah hota toh AO join karta aur delhi main aram se rehta ….

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