All about SSC CPO Physical – 2015

Candidates who appeared on the Tier2 Exam of SSC CPO SI now have to attend the Physical and Medical Exam too.

Physical and Medical Test is nothing but qualifying in Nature.

This usually takes 2 days ( 1 for Physical and 2nd for Medical )

Let us Discuss Physical TEST here : –

After entering the campus , the candidates will be asked for Height and Chest measurement first.

Criteria : –

For Male Gen : – 170 cm (They will ask you to stand on height stand and will check using their pointer on it ).

For Hilli Areas : – 165 cm ( Same )

ST : – 162.5 cm

Now after this those who are above the respective height will be sent next to chest measurement.

Those, who doesn’t fulfill the height criteria will be checked once again.

(In most of the cases , it depends on board to board that some board give entry to minor less or point to point height candidates and some board rejects them.)

In short , whosoever does not fulfill the criteria will be sent back home from there only. ( Although the candidates have option to challenge this decision using re – appeal always )

What is in Re-Appeal : – A board of 5 seniors officers sits there and get everything done under their observance to ensure  a fair process.


Now, The candidate for Chest Measurement will be checked by the duty constables ( Once without Expansion and then with Expansion )

Note  : – In height and Chest measurement , they will ask u to remove all the clothes and Shoes /clippers etc other then undergarments. (Girls doesn’t come under this category )

All the successful candidates will be asked now to come in ground as per their numbers in groups for running.

Usually Board arrange 1600 mtr race first but this is not the case always. They may ask for 100 mtr race too befor 1600 mtr race.

Strategy : – For 1600 mtr , run slow for the first 2 rounds and then upgrade your speed slowly for the next two rounds.

For 100 mtr , just run simply will full energy , do not look aside .

The candidates qualified successful will be asked to come for next round

Long Jump :- 3.65 mtr ( 3 Chnace )

High Jump : – 1.2 mtr  ( 3 Chance )

Shot Puts : – 4.5 mts ( 3 chance )

Usually , a candidate here clears long jump and shot puts easily , they fails in High jump only at this stage.

The only way to improve high jump is practice and better angle/style of jumping.

The candidate who clears all these things will be retained there and the rest will be sent back home.

Successful candidates will further go for some documentation and will be sent to Medical Exam same day or Next day.

Medical Details will be shared in Next Post.











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